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Enough to scrape?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by waggs, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I've smoked about 3 grams out of this bowl since I bought it and it seems to be getting a bit caked. Do you guys think its enough to scrape and get a nice sized resin ball? My t is pretty low so I'll get baked off a small ball.

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  2. 3 grams through a brand new pipe? not unless it's an extremely small pipe... ... it takes a lot to cake enough resin to smoke
  3. Not even close man maybe another 10 or 20 grams. Resin is bad for you anyway, if you have access to bud you really shouldn't be smoking resin. I've had my poorer streaks and resorted to scraping some pieces. Most if not all of us have been there.
  4. definitely not near enough. you wouldn't even get that much if the whole bowl had the caked on resin your best bet is to throw it on top of some bud to enhance the effect.
  5. I put over two ounces in my pipes before I scrape or its hardly worth it
  6. Same, though I'm not sure it ever really is worth it. As for you OP, wait till you get some sort of colour discolouration on the outside of the pipe, at the very least it should go darker when it's coated in resin. Then you can scrape it. If you still want to.
  7. No waaay, nice bowl tho

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  8. When my tolerance was low I'd get really high from like 2 bowls of scraped resin, so I'm guessing yeah if you get something sharp like a knife or scissors then scrape and mix the resin with tobacco so it burns you'll get pretty high

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