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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BrownNGoldSmoke, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I want to grow for the first time and i am wondering if 16'' by 28'' by 3' is enough space to grow one northernlight. NL is an indica so they are short.
    just want to know what some growers think of that space?
  2. For one thats fine. If I had that I'd do one under a 400w.
  3. i was going to use a daylight cfl but is the 400w going to be better
  4. HPS is the way to go, if youre willing to spend the extra money for the light and cooling
  5. He only has enough room for 1 plant... with 3ft of vertical height a 400W HPS would be (1) too big and (2) too hot for his box.
  6. I agree 100%
  7. ^Make that 200% agree. Three feet isn't a lot of height, but it is a workable size. Look into LST to keep the plant short and maximize yield in that small space.

  8. I will second that, I tried and tried to do something similar but slightly larger. The temps will not be manageble and you will have no vertical height for flowering seems as your plants double even triple in size when you kick it into flowering.
  9. I'm currently growing in a cabinet 16 deep 22 wide and 40 tall with CFLs and in soil. Right now my problem is too many females, problem? You can be quite sucessful in that space and like Toasty sez LST. I just got a wire sort of closet shelf from Home Depot that is going in today, it will fit with about an inch all around. Once I decide on 3-4 keepers it will be a little scrog and a little LST, knock yourself out!

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