Enough room for white widow grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dankdana, May 15, 2011.

  1. I'm getting ready to start my first grow. I have a box lined up that I want to convert into a growbox.--I'm just weary on size. I wanted to grow one or two white widows. The floor is 1'3" wide by 3'1" long, and it's 3'3" tall. I plan on trimming and bending to cut down on vertical size. Any thoughts on how practical this size is for white widows? Do I have enough room for one? Two? Any opinions well appreciated.

  2. 3 feet tall??? That might be a little short man... Are they autos or regular?..

    If they're regular then....thats really short... you'd have to flower when they're no higher than like maybe 15 inches...and thats not considering the space your lights take up...:confused:
  3. They're regular photoperiod, feminized white widow seeds from a reputable dealer (MoC). A lot of the sites I browsed boasted a max indoor grow height for the white widow to be 60 cm (about 2 feet). I also read some posts of people saying they grew larger. I was planning on keeping the light close, cutting, bending, and flowering at a short height to try and make a shorter bushier plant.
  4. I guess I just find it hard to believe that I can grow a healthy, dank 2ft plant.
  5. If thats what the strain does (2ft) then 3 ft of space would be good man! Good luck! :)
  6. I did a "micro" grow one time. Just did a scrog setup to keep the plant down to about 2'. I would think 2 might be tight in that space.
  7. Thanks guys!

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