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    I have eight 2700k 13 watt and four 5000k daylight cfls.

    This would be for two plants in a 2x2 area with a height of 4 feet.
    Would that be anywhere near enough?

    Exhaust with a 35 cfm fan. Large fan blowing on plants and lights.

    Room lined with those emergency blankets.
  2. Are you trying to flower?
    Most ppl will say you want 100watts for the first plant and then 50watts more for each addtional plant, Actual watts.
  3. I havnt even germinated yet. I want to make sure everything i have is perfect before i start. I also heard 8000 lumens per plant, aswell as 100 watts per plant, then 50 per extra plant. I just want somebody to give me their opinion who has more experience than me.
  4. One more question. would only having four daylight bulbs be enough throughout the whole grow? I've heard that the spectrum doesnt really matter all that much as long as they are 2700k or 5000-6500k.
  5. I veged my girls using 4 6500k 23watt, 4 3500k 23watt cfls and one 6400k 24watt T5 sunblaster. My girls are loving it, im about to put them on 12/12 here in a feew days.

  6. Ive read the only way to really know what bulb temp is best is to contact the manufacture and ask for a spectrum graph. I guess each manufacture is slightly diffrent. Im only on my first grow so im still learning too. I plan on gettin some warmer bulbs for flower just dont know what kind yet
  7. i know what they are, i just need to know if i have enough of each. i could grab 8 more soft whites but id still only have 4 daylights and 16 soft whites
  8. eight 13watt are enough,use blue light spectrum for its early growth,but fruit ur starwberry,need more red light spectrum,only use white not good

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