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  1. i work at a hardware store and picked up some grow lights we sell. i felt one wasn't enough so i bought 2. they are 14w t5 22in bulbs 6500k( i looked it up each bulb is 1350 lumes total 5400 lumes). im debating buying a 3rd. im just doing a little closet grow. can check my journal if you want well here it goes. - Grasscity.com Forums i have been growing under them for 4 weeks now and the plant seems to be doing fine. i got it as a clone at 8 inches and now the plant is 13 inches. very green and looks healthy.. everything i have been reading says you need more more more lights but looking at the plant idk. but im wondering if when i start to flower will it need more light? (i bought already 2 3000k bulbs to switch out) so should i stick with the 2 lights? or add a 3rd putting it at 8100 lumes??
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    With a small one plant grow like that can I suggest getting a spiral CFL like the one in the pic
    It will cost you a lot less than a T5 & they work
    Got them at a 99 cent store / LOL

    40w rated at 150w / 2600 L / Warm white

    Just grew 2 plants {in soil / organic} with one light over each / Cheapest Grow EVER
    As you can see they didn't turn out bad
    The one in the 1st 3 pics is 14in.

    Should work fine with your set up to add a little more light

    Good Luck

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  3. thanks for the response. but i added 3 100w soft white cfls to the mix. 1600 lumes each on top of the 4 t5s at 1350 each for a total of 10600 lumes now. should have no problem getting some bud off it now =) ha
  4. Yes but if you work at a harware store you.probably have smaller 70 or 100 watt hps lamps that will make a crazy crazy difference..especially in flower..if you toss a 100 in there youll be amazed..they are really small too like a square foot square box..something for you to think about..youll have nno problem vegging with the cfls its when they flower that they want more light
  5. only probly would be the heat. this grow is in my closet and i dont want it catching on fire. ha

  6. There really isnt shit for heat coming from the 100hps lamps..yeah the metal box gets a little hot but its not bad like a metal halide lamp..those fuckers are brutal.
  7. well i lookd at 100w hps and they were 36$ each. plus i couldn't find a ballast for them. there was no1 working in electrical ha. and this is something i just wanted to do out of the blue.. so im not looking to spend a any more money then i have too. only have about 100$ invested in this so far. but its all good. been flowering it since tuesday and it has grown sooo much
  8. Theu stretch a good amount in flower at the beggining huh?..,i waited too long last time had a few six foot plants..but the bottom three feet were a waste of energy..light cant get lower than three to three and a half feet.

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