enough light?

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  1. basically, i wanna know if this enough light to get me going.
    I have 3 10w Cfl's hanging in the middle, and 2 29w cfl's in the middle. i have another 2 29w's that i want to hang on one side. and id move the other 2, on the opp side.

    so is this enough light to get one plant going comfortably?
    p.s this is my first "attempt" haha so im not expecting much.
    but and help is appreciated :p[​IMG]
  2. u need atleast 100 REAL watts for 1 plant. the more the better
  3. hmm. so the more the better ehh. this is all i got, for about a week.

    but according to my math i have.. 98w atm. then.. 136w when i get my other 2 plugged in?
    these are the actually wattage, not what its imitating.
  4. You'll get by on that. I wouldn't waste my time with any bulb smaller than 25w though. I'd say replace those tiny 10w's. And don't forget, daylight bulbs are really what you want to veg with.
  5. itll work dude, people say 100watts, but its lumens that count.

    2800lumens per square foot of grow area is the standard and you have over that.
  6. ----update!---
    i put my seed/tip in my soil yesterday
    it sprouted today, grew about an inch. w00t!

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