Enough light?

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  1. Old lighting
    1-100W HPS @ 9500 lumens
    2-150W-40w usage CFL @ 2600 lumens each
    4 -100W-23w usage CFL @ 1600 lumens each

    New light
    1-250W HPS @ 29000 lumens
    Is this enough light? What wattage should I go by on the cfls? Either I had 100W hps + 700W or 172W cfl with 21,100 lumens. Now I have 250W hps with 29,000 lumens and waaaay cooler temps lol. I know it's not "enough" but this is my second grow... The first one I only had 3-"100w" 23w cfls and I got 25g dried, so I'll definitely get more this time, factoring in learning from mistakes the first time and improving my rig. The 250W hps is about 12 inches from top of buds and temp of top colas are 75-77F before it was 79-85F and the cfls were 6-8 inches up
    Any help would be much appreciated. Oh yeah I'm doing DWC if that makes any difference. GH flora series nutrients.

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  2. Those plants look good!
    How much space is in your grow area? I usually keep cfl's 3to6" from plants. If heat isn't an issue I'd put some more light in there, $ and space permitting of course.
    Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!
  3. I've just got one plant. It's about 36"-38" tall. Grow space is 20" x 24" x 60". Currently I have a 4" duct blowing cool air into the top across the buds... Whenever the house a/c kicks on lol. 2 fans blowing on the light and ballast and one oscillating over whole plant about 4-5 ft away. If I add more lights the temp of the main colas will go above 78F. I was thinking of putting an inline duct fan with some sort of makeshift pre filter so it doesn't suck/blow a bunch of crud from the a/c system. That should be here Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully that will bring the temps down so I can either add the old 100w hps or 6-8 cfls. Also she's in a 2 gallon "painters" bucket from lowes and there only about 1.25 gallons of solution.
  4. Adding a few cfl's shouldn't raise the temps too much, also go by the actual wattage not the replacement wattage. IMO the 100 watt HPs will generate more heat than useful light.
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  5. Yeah I scrubbed the whole thing and got a 600w and tent. Like bringing a homeless person to the Ritz...

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  6. Yeah I scrubbed the whole thing and got a 600w and tent. Like bringing a homeless person to the Ritz...

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