Enough light?

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  1. Is two cool 33-watt tubes each about 1 1/2 feet long enough lighting for a couple plants?
  2. probably not for a "couple" of plants, you need to work on approx 50 watt/2500-3000 lumens per sq foot.
    good luck
  3. Thanks for the info bud, oh by the way by a couple i mean like 2 or 3 plants, could you also maybe tell me what the cost for of running a like two 50 watt lights costs?

  4. hardly noticeable.
    maybe 5 dollars a month on full time
  5. you need more then 2 33 watt bulbs for 2 plants. if you want to do it right then go to home depot and get 2 4 foot shoplights and 4 tubes you will be all good to grow :) its cheap ez and it works.
    being 4 feet wide it should be ez to fit 2-3 plants under it but they will be growing under 160 watts which is a good thing.

    a HPS is much better but for the cost, floros get the job done.

  6. COST -
    Most calculations of power usage is as follows:
    1000 watts usage per hour = 1kwh and depending on the your local rate for this example 10 cents per kwh you are going to pay $.10 per hour at 24 hours usage you are paying $2.40 per day X 30 days = $72.00 plus taxes

    The only other issue is voltage because the above is using 120 Volts. It your using 208-220 it will double. Also in commerical applications you could be using 208-277 single, double or even 3 phase.
    Thinking in terms of 120 Volts being single phase you would have adjust the cost factor to double or triple the costs factor and also adjust using 120 Volts as a baseline for the voltage.

    A 3 phase 277 volt usage would be 30 cents per hour or about $216.00 per month BUT that would be about 3000 watts of usage not 1000. If your system we 300 watts at 277 3 phase the cost would be the same as a 120 volt 100 watt.

    Hope this helps. LOL

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