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Enough Is Enough.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I've had it. I'm done dealing with these shady fucks. It's time to grow. Quick question: I'm usuing a mini refrigerator and I was wondering if you HAVE TO cover the inside of your grow box with reflective material? I've seen a lot of pictures with people growing like that and I was just wondering if it was a requirement. Thanks.
  2. I'm no grower but a mini fridge seems a little small to grow even 1 plant
  3. Yeah, well from what I've read it works. Anybody know if you have to use reflective material? I know it gets more light to your plants, but if I don't use any will the plant grow just as well, or is it a major component to indoor grows?
    You don't "have to" necessarily but it will help disperse more light to crucial areas of the plant. I'd go with a roll of mylar or panda plastic , they are relatively inexpensive and readily available.
  5. Sweet man. I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  6. Yeah man, i would recommend it as it makes most efficient use of your lighting. you'll probably grow 5-10% more bud if you use it.
  7. If the inside of the fridge is white, I don't see the point. Should be fine.
  8. yup if the inside of the fridge is white it will be reflective as mylar.  atleast that's what I've read.
  9. Flat white paint will do the job as well. Temps and air circulation may be issues for you in a fridge.

    Check out the absolute beginners area, micro grow, and DIY sections. You will get plenty of ideas and most people are great to help providing you have done enough research to ask semi educated questions.

    Good luck, I started growing a couple of years ago for the same reason. Since then I've bought maybe two sacks in between grows, have top shelf dank for next to nothing, and even the trim can be used to make free hash or edibles. My only regret is that I didn't start growing my own sooner. Harvest time is like Christmas for stoners.
  10. You don't "need" the reflective but it won't hurt. MIni fridges aren't ideal for growing but it's amazing what some people can do with one over in the micro-grow forums. There's a plethora of info you can get off the city if your starting to grow.
  11. use tin foil , put A stronge fucking uv ray light bulb (growing light) (atificial sunlight)
    the tin foil will get warm and it will be hotter than mexico in there  u gonna have some good shit man
  12. You are correct. A crappy UV bulb ( mostly used as reptile lights not grow bulbs) and some tinfoil will make it "hot as Mexico"

    However, a few cfls would do better, be easier to spread the light around, and actually maybe even grow a little bud.
    Plants indoors do not thrive in the heat. Around 85 the plants will actually slow growing dramatically without supplemental co2. That temp and higher is easily achievable with minimal lighting in such as small area, to increase the temps with foil is just a horrible idea.

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