Enough Already! California Needs To Legalize Marijuana!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by capolitics, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. California currently has over 1.7 million people who admit to regular marijuana usage (most likely even more). Both recreational and medicinal. The state is staring down the barrel of a $28 billion deficit. California can no longer ignore the facts and continue with a ridiculous and unmaintainable policy of marijuana prohibition.

    The war on drugs as a whole has been nothing short of a colossal failure. Usage of every major drug has gone up over that last 25 years. Badly needed money for education and economic development has been flushed down the toilet through wasted resources dedicated on stopping marijuana cultivation and distribution. According to a recent study by the Cato Institute, California will likely save over $950 million annually by eliminated law enforcement and incarceration costs around marijuana. Continue
  2. Enough already is right... So far the only thing we have to go off is the Polls, and from everything I've read, it's looking like we are in a dead heat. There is a lot of speculation that in this particular case Polls aren't really all that useful in determining the outcome. So all things being equal, I can only go by what I see every day. And that is that people want Prohibition to end, and that Prop 19 is a good first step. That's the way I feel, and that's the consensus on the Internet. We will see if we still have enough rednecks and bible thumpers in our state to defeat it. I honestly have no idea what to expect right now. I have already voted and mailed in my yes vote. The rest is up to fate (and the stealthy army) now. I hope to see a landslide victory on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to the celebration when we win.

    Please get out and vote on Tuesday. Vote YES on Prop 19!
  3. amen to that, it makes too much sense. the potential benefits seem way higher than the potential costs. and we'll never know until we give it a go. this could be the biggest step taken so far toward ultimately changing federal laws on MJ, quite exciting.
  4. I think legalizing marijuana is essential in this country!

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