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  1. Give me your opinions about it.

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    its an unachievable state of mind in the american lifestyle, regardless of people claiming theyre enlightened.

    these phonies are out to make money selling books, getting followers etc.

    but this is my opinion, based off the fact that its 2014 and nobody even knows what enlightenment is.

    maybe if you were raised into a pure family with a pure lifestyle somewhere in Tibet, China with strict discipline your whole life youd achieve enlightenment within your lifetime. but even then its an iffy subject.
  3. I agree about people who claim to be aren't enlightened but disagree that you need to be raised in a pure lifestyle. People living any other lifestyle still won't become enlightened if they don't follow the right path. One can be a murderer for most of their lives and still become enlightened. Obviously they'd have to change their ways but it doesn't hold them back. Enlightenment is about achieving a understanding of reality.

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  4. This statement is why I don't believe one can ever reach a state of complete enlightenment. In an infinite universe, there's an infinite amount of things to learn. An individual would never be able to reach a complete state. The more you learn the more you learn there's more to learn.. its almost like a positive Catch-22.
  5. i think enlightenment isn't what people say it is... it's gaining direct and personal knowledge in a way i can't really describe... and our world makes it so hard for you to access that place where you are in beginner's mind, able to really learn and assimilate wisdom... unless you either are a champion meditator and can manipulate your own brain chemistry, or you do certain drugs. but even most people who take drugs won't even reach it because with most people the intent's wrong. 
  6. I don't think it's about understanding the external such as how things work. I can't say for sure because I'm not enlightened but I think it's more of understanding where you belong in this universe. What you are and what this place is. Why this place is. From what I've read it's something that is very hard if not impossible to explain. But once you experience it you understand.

    "I'm to drunk, to taste this chicken" -Talladega nights
    Is there really an internal and external in the universe? If you wanted to understand where you belong in the universe, wouldn't you have to know pretty much everything else about the universe in order to get placement? How do you know you'd experience it and understand it? There's billions of people in our world and past who thought they reached an understanding, they gave rise to religion. Anyone can make up an answer to help them understand, but how would they know their answer is correct without first knowing everything else there is to know in the universe? Enlightenment is a never ending adventure, never able to reach 100%. At best, an individual would be able to reach 99.999999999%.
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    "I'm to drunk, to taste this chicken" -Talladega nights
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  12. Don't bother.
    Thank you for your opinion.  You should read the story of Siddhartha Gautama, once destined to be a great prince.  It just about disagrees with everything you say and might teach you a little bit about the subject.
    I can offer nothing but silence on this matter.
  14. cant let you in on the secret.
    that's the secret
    you're welcome.

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