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  1. Well, I tried X for the first time the other night...And I must admit that it was quite an enlightening experience. My brother and I got 3 Orange A's, we decided to split them so we each got 1 1/2.
    Now, just so you know where I'm coming from, my point of view, I smoke pot often, I enjoy a line on occasion when I feel like doing some extremely hardcore drumming, and now I've tried X. The only reason I even do anything, is purely for medicle purposes, and intended for medicinal means. Although I am self medicated.
    Now, growing up for me was very rough, my father left my mother when he found out that she was going to be having the joy that would be know as: Topsy Crets (Yes I choose to remain anom. in this case.) I was born colorblind, one of my eyes has several different colors in it. Growing up was very rough for me, I got picked on a lot and I never was one of those bigger kids or anything lol.
    I never had any friends, and it hasn't been until recent years that I've even found few people to call friends...But that is a story for another day lol
    I also tend to get extremely depressed over relationship junk, and I had recently had a mental breakdown the other night over some stuff...
    So I guess I'm telling everyone all this so that you can see my point of view, and see where I'm coming from with stuff.
    So, my brother I took one then rolled for a little bit into the night, we took the first one around 11:30, and we sat in the backyard all night.
    We have a little tent set up on the patio and we chill there often. We split the last one around 3:30 AM.
    The night, overall, was a lot of fun. I felt great, we talked and had many split personality conversations and tripped a bit lol...
    But then the sun came up...
    My brother said, "Damn, dude. My cigarettes look fucking orange."
    So I looked over at his pack of smokes because there was nothingelse going on lol.
    And they looked red (Marlboro Reds btw)...So I said,
    "Dude, they look red. Oh, my god! They look red!"
    And they were red! :D
    I saw how everyone normally sees things...
    I looked at a tree in my neighbors yard, and I saw the flowers that were blooming, I've seen the tree a million times and it had always looked like the entre tree, even when blooming, was just a solid color tree.
    But this time, the flowers that were blooming were yellow, and I could see it...and it was so beautiful...:eek:
    I started to cry...I just broke out into tears and started crying.
    I explained everything that I was experiencing with my brother, and he understood why I was crying.
    For once in my life...I felt normal. And I enjoyed it while it lasted, and things are back to normal, but I'm okay with that :)

    What I want everyone to see, is that for once I saw like you. I saw how you see the world everyday, and I've never seen it that way in my entire life. Seeing it, made me want to be a completely different person. It reminded me of something though.... That people really take that simple fact for granted... So much could be righted if only people could remember how beautiful the world really is, like truly beautiful.
    And something so simple, even just the color of a blade of grass is beautiful.

    Well, I just wanted to inform whomever would be interested in reading this. I'm off to enjoy some a bowl of Bubblegum. :hello:
    Peace. :smoking:
  2. Touching story, glad you got to experience what you did and it's a good reminder for people that even the smallest things are taken for granted, toke on:smoking:
  3. damn dude...
    I am like tearing up and shit.
    hahah no joke
    okay i'm back

    But wait.. Ecstasy did this?
  4. fucking great man......fucking great. i dunno if its cuz im on acid but i totally feel the same way bro. i agree that people do take things for granted.....this is why i think it is necessary to visualize your ego sifting into vapors.......amazing experience
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    that's pretty cool man.. i would say the only enlightening experience i've had was on E too... i closed my eyes and saw a completely vivid/complex fractal spiral that i watched for about 15 seconds. It was probably the most amazing thing i've seen.

    EDIT: cool i just found a video of pretty much exactly what i saw in my mind :)


  6. Yes sir, Ecstasy did.
    After taking it I see why people can be so easily addicted to it, so it's def going to be a once in a while thing.
    thanks man :)
  7. so you consider X conscious enhancing?

  8. i would
  9. For sure. It's about intention.
  10. i rolled for my first time last night. took a playboy, felt great. everything i saw symbolized my life, and i loved life. The end.
  11. Yes extremely, life really depends on how you interpret everything it throws at you. Think about it, what is misery or discomfort broken down? Nothing more than a state of being, nothing more than a feeling. If you can just enjoy the feeling, and I mean literally "The Feeling." I discovered that while rolling, and I'm goig to try to live my life by that, you know?
  12. Thats a very good story with some deep stuff in it. Everyday I get up I have to go outside and admire nature for a bit then begin my day and watch it change. You really feel like you're harmonious with nature and its beautiful. 'The feeling' is always there to feel. :)
  13. I'm really happy to hear that, man. :)
    I've been doing that for a little while now, and it really does help you feel like your one with the world. It's always great to feel like your apart of something much larger than yourself, and that your in a peaceful (State of being, not litterally in a peaceful place lol,) place.
    Life is just full of surprises...:D

  14. Thats mind blowing. You're color blind, yet when you took some ectasy you saw colors that you otherwise could not see. Sounds like you need to try E out again
  15. Yeah, if the colors intrigue you, I see no reason not to. :) Ecstasy is all about the intention going in. You want to roll balls? Fine... Balls you roll, and what goes up must come down.

    You want spiritual surrender? Nice. Go for it.
  16. lol wow, that's almost exactly what I got that night, spiritual surrender :)
    As for seeing the colors it gave me a new sense of life and wanting to live one lol
  17. Thanks for sharing this with us. :) I really appreciate it.
  18. It's my pleasure to :)
    I'm glad people are reading it
  19. Hey NYC, sorry to be getting back to you so late.
    I was wanting to trip balls and see colors lol
    But I guess being around my brother and in a dark area for most of the trip, it turned into more a 'social' trip, like having split personality conversations lol
    Quite interesting, I'm looking forward to my next experience, but it's going to be planned out.

    My brother and I are going to my family's lake house. It's right on the lake, and it's a big house and plenty of nature and open space. Any tips on tripping balls there? lol
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    sorry i really dont mean to hijack your thread like this... but i now believe for the first time that the power of attraction or whatever it is may infact be in some way real , because of this post. When i posted about how i had saw the fractal spiral in my mind i was recalling a trip that happened probably about 4 months ago, so it was the first time in 4 months i had really tried remembering what the trip was like and all that. Well i was just surfing through random vids on youtube and i found this vid that out of no where perfectly described what i saw. go to about 2:00 in this vid and listen to the guy describe a "fractal spiral". This was two days after that original post.I wasn't searching for anything that had to do with psychadelic trips or anything like that, i was looking for random bill hicks videos. none of you are going to understand probably, but this just blew me away....

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhwVGKAzPDE"]YouTube - Here Comes Everybody[/ame]

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