enlighten me do or dont?

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  1. hey guys as alot of you know there is so much conflicting messages on the web etc so my question is do i or dont i ph my water for soil im usein canna terra soil with canna vega/flores.
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  2. I've never PH'd my water for my soil grows and had great results.
  3. You should and you want 6.5 for soil.

  4. this is the very reason i'm so confused i've been tola by the makers of my poting mix not to and a leading hydro chain not to infact there sit clearly states that the acid in ph up or down can kill of my beneficial micro's in my soil not earth here aka potting mix also they both said that the lime is enough buffer for the whole cycle, now to add more confusion i read it depends what nutes organic synthetic etc
  5. If you don't ph your water for soil, you run the chance of getting nutrient lockout.
  6. see i used to think the same untill i came across loads of people/sites saying there is no need as it comes with lime a this buffers the soil and doing so can kill the beneficals in the soil i also checked this with my soil manufactor and they said the same and i also rang the store that had the orinaly page that made me think other wise here is a link Getting Your Hands Dirty - Growing In Soil / GroWell also you can see these guys have over 20 years exsperince then i rang canna terra surpport who agreed and said no etc and heres some more links
    Adjusting your pH when growing in soil damaging your plants! Do you PH water when growing in soil? - Indoor Grows - Soil - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
  7. If your soil is organic you don't need to ph adjust. If you are using some generic potting mix with slow release crap in it and you are giving nutes all the time you usually need to adjust ph. Though if your nutes have lime added to keep the ph at 6.5 maybe you won't need to. I guess see how it goes?

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  8. No this is soil brought from the hydro store ive never heard of nutes having lime in them tho so did u mean if my soil has lime ?? And I'm pretty sure my soil is organic not sure what the nutes are they come bottled so I assume synthetic I think

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  9. I recommend you go to the no-till or organics lounge thread here in grasscity. There are a number of very experienced folks there could explain why, when, where, and if you should ph your soil.

    No-Till Gardening
    Organics Lounge
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    If your using just regular organic soil from a hydro store like I am. I always Ph my water before I give it to my plants, especially if your using bottle nutes cuz the nutes themselves drop the pH. The more you add the lower it gets, so your gonna want to know ph of your source water to start off with then after you add your nutes, so you have an idea of how much it drops. Then from there you Ph your water to between 6.2 - 6.8. In reality anywhere in that range is safe! Always add nutes before you Ph and on water days just Ph your water.

    For example my source water Ph is always 7.2-7.5 after nutes and mix, it drops to 5.8-6.2 depending on how much I add. Now usually ill add small amounts of Ph up to bring it back up to about 6.5-6.8. I figure a lil on the higher side cuz soil acts as a small buffer and could drop it. On water days I just Ph down my water to 6.5-6.8 then water my plants. Personally I don't check runoff.. I use to and you should to start off just so you know how things work. At this point I don't even use a pH meter anymore cuz I just know where my levels are and if they are within a few points here and there things will go just fine. It's good practice if your just starting out.. It helps you read your plants. You'll get to the point where you'll just know. Good luck man and happy growing.

    Don't always believe what you read on Line, just take that info and figure out what works for you. It's good safe practice to test Ph.
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  11. I ph my pool

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  12. Dude...follow the organics link=enlightenment

    Fuck that ph pen...I have a brand new one from a few years ago still in the box.

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  13. It can only make things better tho

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  14. hey bud so are you saying yes ?? also cud you look up my thread nothing new in sick plants as my girls still look unwell etc thanks.

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