Enjoying a Toke with Dad

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  1. So I get out of class early today. Accounting test teacher let us leave after. Some I am home from college chilling in my living room surfing Grass City. When my mom yells from the other room that my dad is coming home in 20 minutes.

    Its 2:30 in the after noon and he normally gets home around 5. So he gets home and I great him outside. He is walking up the driveway with a huge grin on. I ask him how work was and he said shitty and he asks me how college was and I said good.

    So we go inside and he goes upstairs and changes out of work clothes.
    He comes back downstairs wearing the same clothes he came in with. THIS can only mean one thing, he bought more weed today and was stashing it in his room.

    So he walks up to me and asks if I want to go walk the dog through the woods with him. (We have a hunting dog that my dad my brother and I all train together.) After saying that he threw up the universal smoke sign like you're pinching a roach to your mouth. Without any hesitations I yell Mom IM going with dad to walk the dog.

    We get to the woods and he pulls out a joint and we start to bullshit. Like father son bonding . We smoke this joint together and I get RETARTED.

    He then gets a phone call on his work phone and I wind up wondering around for 30 minutes in the woods.

    After that we walk home and I walk home and I am hit with the sudden aroma of Chicken Parmesan. My mom made chicken Parmesan in the crock-pot with noodles. IT was so delicious.
    I guess the morale of the story is you're never to old to bond with your Parents.
  2. word

    i wish i could share that experience with my parents. maybe one day with my mom but never my father
  3. Good read OP. My parents know i burn I ask them everyday to smoke with me and they always say no lol. I also noticed ur from Jersey. What school u go to?
  4. Ocean County College IN Ocean County
  5. I can't imagine toking with my parents, shit would be so awkward but I'm glad at least you're tight with them.
  6. I smoked with my mom. It was kind of cool but really awkward. She was a light weight too and marveled at the fact that I smoked more than a bowl out of a shitty metal pipe.
  7. thats cool dude

    been there done that
  8. I used to smoke with my folks all the time, but I avoid it now, because it is pretty akward, and they act all wierd about it. plus, I'm an active stoner, they're still just as edgy, just mildly retarded about it as well. feh.
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    i want to smoke with my mom so bad.... she told me she used to be a pot head back in the day and ive brought up smoking with her but she never is like oh yeah id do it again its more like oh when i did it back in the day it just gave me a headache i wasnt really a fan

    even though ive brought up the difference in potentcy from 30 years ago so hahah
  10. I will NEVER be able to bond with my father in that way. :(
  11. God damn, your lucky dude. Not very many people can share the bond of Cannabis with their fathers, you should be proud. I wish my dad would smoke, hes in constant pain from his cancer, it would help him too. Oh well, that was a pretty sick story though.
  12. my dad is the person who introduced me to weed. Every weekend i was home i waitead for my mo m to go to bed so i could smoke with him. The greatest times.:D
  13. Ah man, that sounds so pleasant.

    I wish my dad would burn some J's with me, not cigarettes.

    Maybe someday. He's already a heavy smoker, might as well make a change.
  14. Damn, that sounds wonderful.
  15. That would be so awesome. I think, even though I'm more comfortable and close with my mom, I'd rather smoke a j with my dad. He's chill to bullshit with.
  16. awesome bro. i havent smoked with my dad. dont think i ever will. but i have smoked with my friends dad. that was interesting.
  17. hopefully I will have the honor one of these days...
  18. I'd love to smoke with my parents but their hugely anti-everything. My mom was taking vicodins for a few days when she had a route canal a couple weeks ago and we had probably the best most real talk ever one of those days. She's back to normal now and I can only wish I had taken better advantage of that time cause I felt like for the first time I knew my real mom.

    Great story OP you give the rest of us hope.

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