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  1. I'm writing a story and I hope you all enjoy it. It's genre is sic fi. And the first chapter is boring like any book. But I can assure you the second chapter is much better.

    Chapter 1: The beginning

    Hi, I'm Joe. I'm an 18 year old senior who loves to party, smoke, parkour, and science. Well this all starts off in a town called Broomall, PA on a Friday. I was at my friends house smoking and we were having a good time. I said "yo lew guess what?" he says "what now?". Right after that I explain to him that there is this party tonight and me him and my other friend Shawn can go to. So we all agree. It wasn't for a few hours so we had some time to chill.

    I drive my friends to go get something to set because we all had major munchies from smoking a lot. We went to get some food from a pizza place near my house that's very good. The pizza tasted delicious. After that I go get ready at my house for the party and my friends are just playing ps3 when Shawn says "Yo Joe, your ps3 just shut off and won't turn on." I said hell with it because I just wanted to go party. Get with a few chicks and drink some beer.

    So we walked there because I don't drink and drive and I'm coming home later that night for work in the morning. We knock on the door and our friend Chris answers "come on in guys, the beer is in the kitchen and the lady's are upstairs." The beer was bud lite. Wasn't my favorite kind but I didn't mind. We go upstairs into a room who I'm guessing is guest room cause it's very bland and no personality. There is a few girls In there smoking a bong so immediately go in. "hello, I'm Joe." I say. They say the same thing and we all start talking small talk. One of the girls was name Lauren. She had the nicest long blonde hair, a very rounded body, and had the prettiest smile.

    My friend Lew enters the room. He is husky and a very good fighter. So I say "Yo lew, let's show these girls how to really rip a bong." So I pack it with some Ramyulan. I go to smoke it and milk the entire 2ft bong up. Lauren say "Don't kill yourself haha." I take my hit and smile at what she says. I blew the smoke out and my throat hurt alittle but I wasnt coughing. Then I pass the bong to Lauren. I go down to get us all a beer and I see Lauren follow me. She comes own the stairs and says "The snow is lovely. Do you want to go for a walk?" I agreed with no rejection.

    We went to just walk around the neiborhood and talk. We laughed more than talked though. She told me about herself and about her life and than asked me. Now one thing about me is I had a rough life, things where never easy until recentyears. So I begin to tell Lauren about my life and the whole time she gives me a look that says Im sorry for asking because nothing I said was happy, all of it was depressing. But I'm alive and that is the only thing that matters. So me and Lauren walk by the park and she runs down the hill to the baseball field. She lands in the snow on her back and starts making a snow angel. I run right beside her and do the same. We both look at each other in the eyes and that's when I reach my face over to hers and started kissing her.

    We just laid in the snow making out and both loving every second. But we decide to get up and go back to the party. So when we get back we each have a few beers and then I told her I'll be right back because I had to go look for my friends. So I go in the basement and I see lew playing beer pong with a girl and a few other people but I can't find Shawn. Now Shawn is only about 5 ft 5 in and pretty chubby. So I go back upstairs and I see Shawn passed out and a trashcan with throw up in it next to the bed he was on. He must of drank to much.

    So I go back to hang out with Lauren and we go play lew and the girl he's with in beer pong. The girl Lew is with is cute. Her name is Kate. So we play a few games and I'm pretty drunk. So is Lauren. we go upstairs and I go into the room that we went into to smoke. So me and Lauren lay in the bed. We talk and kiss. Thats when Lauren says " Do you want to have some real fun." and I obviously say yes. Now the second I said yes I get a phone call.

    It's my mom. " Hello" I say. She says "Joe there has been a terrible accident and you must go home". She tells me my brother got shot. My mind went blank and the feeling in my stomach was terrible. I didn't know what to do so I told her I would go home. My mom lives 3 hours away because my parents are divorced so she was driving down ASAP. I tell Lauren what happened and she looks at me and says how sorry she is. So we exchange numbers and I tell her I have to go. I can't even say bye to lew because he's having sex with Kate and Shawn is passed out. So I just leave.

    When I walk home I go the shortest way which is through the woods. It's a trail that is for the township's trucks to drive down to the park me and Lauren where in. I walk and all of asudden I hear a noise that I've never heard before. It sounds like a weird motor. That's when this bright white light is coming towards me from the sky. It's moving fast and that's when I can see a shape arou d the light. It's almost like a space ship that can hover using some advanced technology that is not from earth. That's when I think that I'm about to die, and I think about my brother. How Maybe if I die that he won't. I start to tear up a little bit because that's when I realize my brother got fucking shot. Well the ship is hovering 50ft above me and I feel like I'm getting lighter. I start to get lifted off the ground towards that space ship and i can't do a damn thing about it. I hope the aliens don't probe me I think. Im so drunk I started to think that this wasn't really happening but once I hit the bright light that was pulling me in my mind goes blank.
  2. Chapter 2: Randomness

    I wake up on an ice burg in the middle of the ocean. I have no clue what has happened for the past 2 weeks. The only thing that I'm wearing is a pair of white shorts and for some reason I'm not cold. My last memory was a white light. The light was pure and sacred like. I realize that I need to get the fuck out of here but idk what to do. This ice burg is the only thing can see with my eyes besides water. The iceberg was about 12ft by 16ft o I had some space to move.

    So it turns night and I can't help to notice that I'm not cold at all. I'm laying on ice and the temperature must be very low. I have no trace of getting to this location either. It's like I'm in a dream or something and I just have to wake up. So I just go to sleep.

    When I wake up when the sun is just rising and I realize that this isn't a dream. I haven't ate anything or drank water for a day now and I'm starting to really feel it. But for some reason I'm still not cold. I feel like its room temperature right now. At this second I see a plane flying my way from the horizon. I felt like there was still hope and I wasn't going to die. So I wave as the plane passes over by. It's a small plane with an indoor cockpit that can probably fit 4-5 people. I watch it fly to the horizon and then it disappears into the ocean.

    I wish I had a bacon cheese burger right now I think. Food and water is all I have been thinking about since I woke up. My lips are so dry and chapped, just the thought of water makes me think that I won't ever take it for granted. I won't take anything for granted ever again. I think about my friends and family and that's when I remember the party I went to and Lauren. I loved her smile and long blonde hair. My brother got shot and now I might die myself. My family would be torn apart that we both are dead. I actully do not know if my brother is dead but I hope he isn't.

    I'm just stairing at the ocean and I see whales swimming. It seems to be a family with baby whale as well. It was a very majestic sight and I thought how people could hunt such precious creatures. The world sickens me when I think how much we destroy our own planet. If people would stop fighting and just realize that we must help each other then I think the human race could exist for ever. We could adapt to anything if we all helped each other. But none of this matters right now, the only thing that matter is that I must live and go home.

    Besides food and water, for the past 12 hours i have been awake I couldn't stop thinking about was that I want to live and I can't just sit here and die. I wonder why I'm not cold and start to think if i jump in the water that I will not be cold at all. I have a strong will to live and I thought about it for awhile if i should jump in or not but I decided to do it. So I dive into the water and when I was in mid air I watched my life flash before my eyes. Once I hit the water I felt a huge feeling if relief. I wasn't cold.

    I knew think this wasn't even possible, That I should probably be dead since I've been swimming for a good 5 minutes and feel no pain or coldness at all. When I was swimming I thought that I can't stop because if I die my family will never know what has happened to me, neither will my friends. I was tired and I knew I couldn't swim for much longer since i was swimming for what I thought to be hours and it was getting dark. I started to give up slowly. I felt like this all didn't matter and I hoped drowning was an easy death. But once I felt that there was no hope I see lights coming in the distance and it sounds like a helicopter. A huge wave of relief is shot through my entire moment. I was so happy nothing could explain it. The helicopter hovers over me and a man in a survival cold water swim suite comes down in the water using a rope and grabs onto me. He screams asking how long I have been in the water for with a thick French accent. I tell him I've been in the water for hours. He was shocked. We go up into the helicopter and I ask where I am and he replys with "we are about 60 miles off of the coast of Nain, Newfoundland." I wonder how the fuck I got here.
  3. Keep it comin' my friend :D
  4. im about to go type the third chapter. hope you enjoy it bro.
  5. Chapter 3:The next step

    Well I'm back in havertown PA at my house. Its a nice house that my dad bought when we moved here. My room was the finished basement. It had a full bathroom, a living room, and a bed room in it. The living room was the ultimate man cave that I made. It had a computer that I personally built, a 42 inch Sony plasma, ps3, a mini fridge, a wrap around couch, and the room was decorated with black lights, lava lamps, and posters. It was my favorite place to be. No one could annoy me. Plus my dad didn't care that I smoke, as long as I didn't get caught by the law. I never did but there has been times where it came pretty close.

    I found out my brother was ok. When I called my dad from Newfoundland that was the first thing I asked him. Then he was wondering where I have been for the past 3 weeks. He told me the police had a huge search and the only thing they found was my wallet on the trail that I walked on. They even had my funeral. I told him what happened and he couldn't believe everything. I didnt tell him about the space ship though, i told no one. People all around the world where talking about how I lived in the water for that long, they called me the savior in some places because anyone else would have died. My family couldn't believe I was alive either, my sister looked at me like I was a ghost when I saw her.

    When I got back the cops also asked what happened but I told them I couldn't really remember much due to alcohol, but I remember more than they think and I don't want to bring a lot of attention to my self. It's like there is more to what happened than I know, and I have a very strong feeling more is going to come.

    I left my house now and went to go hang out with my friends Shawn and lew. I picked Shawn up and we where driving to lews so we could smoke. Shawn couldnt believe i was alive either. He asked me many questions but the one that i will always remember was he asked if I was afraid. I told him I was very scared, but the people in my life is what gave me motivation to keep moving. We stop at WaWa which is a deli/market that is in the tri state area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We get some snacks and drive down to lews.

    We get there and the first thing I hear is his dogs barking. He opens the door and let's us in. He couldn't believe I was alive either and asks me many things. So we start to smoke Lews awesome bong and I get a text message from Lauren. It says " Hi Joe. Idk what happened that night but I want to hang out. Chris is having another party tonight and I want you to come." I reply with "It's a long story. But I'll be there. I'll seeya there." Shawn and Lew agree to go. So I drive home to get ready and Lew and Shawn came. Then we head over to Chris's house after waiting a bit.

    We get there and im greeted by a huge hug from Lauren right when I got out of the car. I take a good look at her again and realize that if I died I would have never seen her again. I would have never seen anything again. We all go inside because it's still winter and everyone is freezing, but not me. We go in and I am greeted by everyone there. We have a huge smoke fest in the living room and I did a beer bong. Then Lauren and I went to go play Shawn and a girl name Niki in beer pong.

    Me and Lauren then decide to go for a walk just like last time. We talk and I tell her everything that happened. I show her that I can't be cold by taking off my shirt and rolling in the snow for a good 5 minutes. She felt my hands afterwards and they where still warm. She told me that she went to my funeral because Lew asked her and she couldn't stop crying. She gave my mom a huge hug and told my mom that she was the last person to see me.

    We finally get to the park and we both went to go sit on the swings. I push her on the swing and she laughs. But I started to get a very bad feeling. Thats when I see 4 guys being very loud approaching us. They look like a bunch of want to be gang bangers. One of the guy starts it off with saying "Hey whore come on over here for a real man" .

    Once I hear it my adrenaline sky rockets. My heart was beating faster than ever. I reply with "Hey buddy shut the fuck up and say shit to me not her". I stand up and get ready for a fight. I was bigger then them all but one and I'm a very good fighter. " Don't be a hero where you can't be you fucking jackass" one says.

    One comes over and throws a punch. I dodge it and give him a mean right hook. His friends come over to join in. Another try's to grab me from behind but I flip him over my back. The bigger one swung an uppercut and I didn't see it cause I was hitting the other guy. It stunned me bad and I fell back. I get up and one of them sunk a fist in my stomach but I head butt that guy and he falls to the ground. The bigger guy nailed me with a left hook in my jaw and I drop. One of his friends was grabbing Lauren and trying to force her to the ground. I felt so helpless that I couldn't do anything. 2 other guys pull me up and hold me while the bigger guy walks closer. He says " I told you not to be the hero or it wouldn't end well for you". He gets ready to hit me and I am ready to be knocked unconscious after this. He throws his fist and I feel like I could see every millisecond of the fist flying towards me.

    When I saw the fist moving closer I thought that I can't end like this, not now not ever. Some power inside of me just stopped the fist cold in it's tracks when it was about 6 inches away. Everyone was shocked and even myself. Then I knew I some how was telekinetic. I used that same power to push the bigger guy back and he flys back about 10 feet and lands on his back. The guys holding me let go and try to hit me and I dodge them both and I swept both of there feet from beneath them with my leg. I run over to the guy holding Lauren to the ground and I hit him with a right hook harder than I've hit anyone before and the guy just dropped. The bigger guy has a gun aimed at Lauren. Then he shoots. I had no time to think and my instincts kicked in. I used my telekinesis and stopped the bullet about 3 inches from Laurens chest. "This isn't possible" the bigger guy says. Lauren is crying not knowing what just happened. Once he pulled the trigger all of his friends ran and it was just him. " Your friends ran, and the odds are against you right now buddy. Don't think your getting off easy either" I said. I move the gun out of his hand using my new found power and go over to him. I give him a few jabs and dodge his first swing. Then I uppercut him just like he did and he fell than I get over top of him and hit him a few more times.

    " You saved my life. You stopped a bullet with an invisible force. Thats not even possible. What's going on Joe." Lauren said. " As long as I'm alive you will not be harmed. I'm going to tell you something I told no one. The night I walked home I remember a little of what happened. I remember seeing a space ship with a very bright light lift me off the ground into there ship. I think that's the reason of these amazing gifts. I didn't even know I had telekinesis until that guy was about to end my night and yours." I say. She smiles at me and gives me a kiss. I walk her home because she didn't live far and she invites me in. We clean up me face because it was very swollen and I was bleeding some. But one thing leads to another and before I know it I wake up naked in her bed.
  6. Ill be typing up chapter 4 today.
  7. Chapter 4- Is this real?

    I wake up at 6 am, and get up. The pain in my face and stomach is pretty bad. I look at Lauren and then I realize I should probably leave. She's still sleeping so I kiss her and get dressed. I walk to chris's to get my car and wake Shawn and Lew up so I can drive them home. When I'm walking there I see Chris already awake outside with a cig in his mouth. "Yo Joe, where have you been and what the hell is wrong with your face"? Chris says. I tell him about last night which he is appalled about. I go inside and get Shawn, but Lew is passed out. Me and Shawn drive to my house where we make a huge breakfast after a smoke session. Shawn asks about my face and I tell him what happened, except I don't tell him about my telekinetic ability.

    When Shawn goes to pour the grease out of the pan from the bacon he slipped and spilled it all over my arm. There was no pain at all though. It seemed like my skin was perfectly fine as well. We were both shocked and so was my sister who just walked in the kitchen and realized what was going on. "Joe what is the reason to these impossible things you can do"? I reply with "Idk I wish I could tell you". The thing is I could tell her more then shknows but only Lauren knows the full story. I wipe off the grease and drive Shawn home. I go back home and fall asleep for awhile and I'm awoken by Lew. " Your dad let me in, and I thought we where going parkouring"? So we end up going.

    The snow on our schools roof is all melted for now so that's where we go. We both vault, jump, and climb on the roof. I'm testing my self to see if I can land a 2 story fall. So I climb to the third floor and I start running. I'm getting closer to the ledge that will lead me to the 1st floor roof. When I get to the ledge I trip on the edge. I'm slowly falling through the air and my face is going straight for the roof. I hear Lew shouting but I can't make up what he's saying. I wish I could fly I thought. When I thought this thought it was like something inside me awoken, some secret energy. The same with the telekinetic energy, but a little different. I subconsciously used it just like if I had another arm and right before I hit the roof I start to fly. I was amazed. Lews jaw dropped when I didn't hit the roof. I slowly glided through the air for a bit then I realized I probably shouldn't do this here during the daylight. I know something crazy is happening to me, in the passed 24 hours I have been doing nothing but impossible things.

    Me and Lew drive to these woods that no one goes to so I can test my new ability. I hop out of the car and run as fast as I can for about 20 ft then just jumped. I did what I did at the school and used my subconscious to control it, and I was gliding in the air. I thought this was amazing so I told Lew "Yo Lew grab my weed and roll 2 fat ass blunts. One for me and one for you bro". He does and I grab mine when he's finished I fly up in the air, but only to the highest tree tops because I didn't want to be seen. The blunt made me feel pretty high, but i have a tolerance so i wasn't to high. I knew these woods went on for awhile and I wanted to see how fast I could fly.

    I go down about 15 ft and started flying. There's one problem though, I have to dodge all the trees as I go. When I took off I was probably going around 10mph, but now I think I am going 40mph. Dodging the trees was quite a challenge. I look down and I see a group of deer just stairing at me gliding by. I thought it was cool that they didn't run away when they noticed me. When I look up my face slams into a tree going 20 mph around because I slowed down to look at the deer and then I fall. I fell and hit the ground. I felt very sore from the night before and now my face slammed into a tree and my body is bruised badly from the fall. I check my pocket for my phone but it wasn't in there. I dont even know where I am or Lew.

    I look down below my face and I see lots of blood just pouring onto the ground. If I could survive that hit into the tree I can get the hell out of this situation I thought. I stand up and take off my shirt. Then tie it around the wound on my forehead that's making all the blood come out. I start to walk back where I came from. While walking I thought a lot about what has happened lately and why I can do these things. Also I lost a lot of blood and I should be at least light headed or sick from it. But yet I can still think perfectly straight. Then I came to conclusion that whatever abducted me that night is going to use me for a greater purpose. I don't know what it is but I hope it's soon to follow.

    That's when I finally see Lew and I tell him that I flew straight into a tree. We walk back to the car and I take off the shirt wrapped around my head, the bleeding had stopped and I'm actully starting to feel a little better. Give Lew the keys and tell him to drive. Lew insists to take me to the hospital but I don't want to go because I would attract to much attention to myself. The media was all over me when I survived being the cold Canadian water for that long and many doctors wanted to examine me but I didn't let them. I didn't want the same thing to happen again.

    Lew drives to my house where his Dad picks him up because his car is at home. I open the door and say hi to my Dad and sister who where in the kitchen. When I enter my room I just go lay on my bed. I started to hear "Courage to grow" By Rebelution playing. I then realize it's my phone. Thankfully I forgot it at home I think or it would be broken or lost. I found it and it says "Lauren" so I answer. We talk for hours as I lay on my bed exhausted, when she asked me what I did today I felt bad for lieing to her about what I really did. Before we hung up she says "Joe I want to hang out tomorrow night". I say " why don't you come over my house then, we can go out to dinner afterwards". We both agree to it. I'm excited for tomorrow I think, then we said goodnight and hung up.

    I then pack my last bong of the night and am thankful for everything that has happened. I smoke then go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and I notice the gash on my head isn't a gash anymore and my bruises on my face and body are gone. I have no clue what the fuck is going on anymore.
  8. Sorry it took so long for chapter 4, I've been busy but enjoy everyone.

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