Enjoy coffee and tea?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Then invest in an espresso machine and get some Trader Joe's French Roast coffee!
    Grind up some french roast beans until a fine power and pack with about 30 lbs of pressure into the grounds chamber. Pour approximately 2.5 shots of water into the water chamber. Let brew until it starts to steam loudly and turn off. Allow small amount of crema (foam) to settle at top before serving.

    Cafe Mocha:

    Steam or boil a small amount of whole milk with about 2 tbsps of unsweetened baking cocoa.

    Pour cocoa mixture and espresso together in warmed cup. Seal and shake vigorously. Add granulated sugar for taste.

    Cafe Americano:

    Prepare espresso as described above.
    Pour about the same amount of boiling hot water with espresso in warmed cup. Seal and shake vigorously. Allow to settle and cool for a very good and awakening Americano.


    A good combination I like is to get the following and mix them together:

    1 small cup of watered down chilled green tea (i prefer unsweetened, but whatever).
    1 dollop (a large drop) of unsweetened organic soy milk on the top (get sweetened or flavored for more taste).

    This is my favorite combination for curing drymouth/scarred throat (please note scarred throat only occurs on smoking large amounts of weed or simply smoking low grade ganja).

    Let me know what you guys think. Either way, it's really good in combination with smoking I find.
  2. just wondering, what if u mix coffe powder with mary jane powder, or at least some really ground up bud, would the spresso machine get hot enough to extrace thc and get u high or buzzed, maybe ill give it a try.
  3. no man. thc extracts with cold water, not hot. hot water has minimum thc extraction possible from water, it's not worth it, it lowers potency.

    If you want to do that, i suggest soaking your mj in chilled water via my hash making technique below. Make the hash, but instead of drying it, consume it while drinking your coffee.

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