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  1. i dont wanna go fruity tooty, i wanna go 10x danker than it is already.
    any suggestions as to how i could make the smell more potent and the nug denser, maybe boost up some trichome growth or something along those lines?
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    You already harvested or still growing?
    The quality of care during it's growth will determine how dense and dank the nugs are, for the most part, so focus on that. Nutes, light quality, air quality, CO2 availability...etc all play into it. Molasses does a good job, from what I hear.

    However..If you have already harvested..

    A PROPER dry and cure will do the trick, for the most part, when it comes to "dankness"...it will smell and taste 100x better than if it isn't cured. 2month cure, at least, will make for some bomb bud. Read the stickies, they will teach you all you need to know.

  3. its outdoor, so light quality is unchangeable, air quality the same, how would i give it Co2??

    2 months? really? i thought 3 or 4 weeks was enough?

  4. Being outdoor, there is not much you can do for CO2, just like air/light quality. Mother Nature will do the trick :) Well, don't smoke around your tree...that is always a no-no

    So all you can do is worry about the dry/cure and the nutrients. Like I said, Unsulphered Molasses seems to do the trick, for most people, though I haven't used it. Do a search here for a ton of info.

    Yes, 3-4 weeks is adequate for a good smoke, even a week is okay, it's just that the longer you cure, the better the bud is going to be.
    Dunno if you've ever done this, but next time you get a bag, put some of it in a jar or a bottle, tuck it away in a cool, dark spot, and don't touch it for a while. Then when you're out, break into it and you'll see that it's just a bit more dank than before.

    For drying, don't dry too quickly. You wan't to spend at least 4-5 days drying to make sure your shits all good and ready for the cure.

    Some people around here even cure for as long as 6 months for some primo product.

  5. yeah, ive done alot of reading on here and molasses does the trick apparently, yeah im definitely gonna dry and cure it right, dont wanna mess it up, although it is my first time so i can only hope, thanks for all the info though
  6. For sure, dude. Need anything else, just ask here or PM or read a sticky :p.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor! It'll be fantastic. Even if the dry/cure is messed up you'll still have something good to smoke.

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