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English weed???

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Zero-, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. I'm going to stay in england with my parent for a bit soon
    I'm staying in a area called Exeter in the south west in Devon
    I've done my research on the area and there has been a few weed farms that have been busted
    Does anyone know what weed you can get and what prices
    I will also be willing to travel all over the country to get some
  2. Exeter has a University so there'll be weed floating around that town. There's weed in the uk, and its not hard to find, go to any pub thats frequented by alternative late teens, skaters/goths/general non chavs and you should find people toking in the back garden. i wouldnt reccomend taking any form of hash, its unlikely it'll be good. oh and most people dont seem to differentiate between weed, so asking if its dank or not, people wont have a clue.
  3. If I find some ill post it and see if anyone knows what it is
    What do you recommend i do just stand outside the university i wait till i see a stoner looking person
  4. i dont know about the uni's, but definitely the colleges. college = 16-18, uni = 18-22 or whatever.
  5. Yeah but what do i do just stand outside waiting for a stoner to come out
  6. theres usually smoking sheds and whatnot on the college site, hang around there i guess, cig smokers are more likely to be weed smokers i'd have thought. find some skatery stoney looking ones.

    or like i said, a pub that those kind of people would frequent. or get a part time job at a mcdonalds for a day to get a hookup, every mcdonalds has weed smokers in the kitchen, im sure of it.

  7. lol no thats the most sketchy thing u could possibly do.. just make friends with people man..

    talk to people and shit.. ask for a lighter ... even if udont smoke cigerattes ask for a cigeratte and shit afta you get one try to make conversation and shit and ask if there 420 friendly
  8. Thanks
    If i get some ill definatly post it
    See what everyone thinks of it
  9. I used to live there for awhile. There is defiantly weed there. England has both some of the absolute worst stuff Ive seen, but they also have some of the best stuff I've seen as well. I found mine through people, just keep asking anyone and everyone and you will eventually find a hookup. I paid £15 for an eighth of some stuff that looked pretty brown but it did the job. For £50 I could get a half o of the same stuff. For £20 when I found a better guy in my area I could get and eighth of some pretty good strains. This was in the Surrey area, and my contacts usually came from living on a Uni campus. If you go to London, make sure to visit Camden Town, but DO NOT buy from there. There will be plenty if people trying to sell to you on the streets, there are cops and you will get ripped off no matter what. Anywhere else in the country though I would say go about it just as you would back home...
  10. I'm now in England
    I'm mannaged to find some Thai weed but I haven't brought any yet
    £15 for 2 grams
    Do you guys think I should look around some more or just buy it
  11. Well according to a currency calculator that's $24.30. If it's dank then that's not a TERRIBLE price but you should try to buy in larger quantity.
  12. #12 Zero-, Jul 10, 2009
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    Well I'm not gonna buy in bulk if its my 1st time buying from the dealer 2g is enough to get me stoned
    So I'll see what it's like then buy in bulk
    Oh yh in a week I'm going turkey coz my parents offered me
    I couldn't exactly say no
    So anyone know any weed you can get over then and prices
    I'm staying somewhere called ishlma
    Or soming like that
    Any info appriciated thanks
  13. Well, if you buy skunk you know it's dank ;)
  14. webehigh.com man its helped me out before
  15. Yh thancks im gonna definatly try Newquay see what i can find there
    i probily wont find anything because im only gonna look in newquay for 1day
    But wish luck
  16. I'd buy it just to try it, and keep looking for additional hookups while I smoke it!
  17. I'm looking to try cannabis for the first time (I tried legal smoking mixes but none of them do much for me) and I'm wondering where I can find a good source in the Exeter/Devon (UK) area. I would only be using it occasionally so I'd rather pay top-dollar for the cleanest, best quality than risk buying cheap and nasty stuff.

    I know several people who use weed but I wouldn't be comfortable buying from any of them so I've got to look a bit further afield.
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    Most UK stoners don't know what 420 means, so 420 friendly isn't the best term to use, but just ask if they smoke weed, even if they wont they won't care that you asked.

    Thai is a great buy. Most of it is as good as dank, but it's far cheaper than dank here. £15 for 2g is a little much though for Thai, you should be getting 2g for £10. With dank I get 1.4g for £10, or 1g if it's the best of the best. With Thai, and also with mids you should be getting 2g for £10. With "commercial" weed, aka schwag, you should be able to get an ounce for £50-60
  19. from my experience thai is the name given to regs and mids. Sometimes its half decent, but never gets close to dank.

  20. I was on a beach in Newquay, and these two dudes were just walking along the waterfront asking every man and his dog,

    ''Hey man want some skunk?''

    Was pretty good stuff, too.

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