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English stop and search advise

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by InsomniacsDream, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Basically in England the stop and search laws seem quite similar to America however if police have no grounds to search they have a tenancy to say "this is a known drug area" and search anyway, now I am having trouble seeing this as a legitimate search ground unless they can actually prove that it is a know drug area, for instance if it were a ground to search i think that they would have to have a list of where is or isn't a known drug area. Does anyone here know if I am within my rights to refuse a stop and search because i consider those shakey grounds.
  2. i asked some community support officers about this recently and they said that the real police can search if they have reasonable suspision that your in possesion/under the influence of drugs or suspision that you have commited a crime. also if theres been a stabbing or fight in a area they can search anyone for 24hrs. The community officers also said that they can check your wasteband and ask you to take of you shoes BUT they cant check your socks or underwear. I also asked if you can refuse a search, the officer was quite vague but he did say something about the police detaining you (not arresting) and taking you back to the station for a search if you refuse.

    I think the laws are complete bullshit. My black friends get stopped almost daily and get sooooooo much shit. Im normally not bothered too much cus im white and middle class but i still get crap every now and then. My advice is be sensible when transporting buds around and definatly dont smoke in public. I have a can i bought from Camden that looks like a normal coke can but the top unscrews and you can stash around a que in so i normally just carry that when i go out.

    i hope thats helped :wave:
  3. Oh shit i thought they couldn't check the waste band, i'm fucking lucky that they never have because the amount of times i have been searched and would have been arrested if they checked my waste band is ridiculous. But yeah you have the right to refuse any search if they have no grounds for the search i was more specifically aiming for the situation where they say this is a known drug area because i can't really see that being a legit ground.
  4. that drug area stuff sounds like bullshit to me. they can search you if there has been a violent crime in the area in the last 24hrs but i dont think it being a 'drug area' is enough reasonable cause to search you.I'll ask a the next copper i see (as long as im not holding).
  5. yer ive been searched numours timess but i just throw it on me balls and den its sound dey cant search there but smokin in public is okay as long as ur careful i reckon i regulary walk down streets smokin joints :smoking:

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