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  1. I have to write a big ass research paper for my Comp 102 class at college. I'm looking a for ideas on what to write this thing about. It can be about anything really. I have already wrote a legalization paper for this professor so I'm not wanting to do another one of those.

    My friend is doing his on "Why is America in so much debt?"

    Any ideas? :smoking:
  2. How about a "Why I love smoking marijuana" paper?
  3. The hemp industry and all of its uses such as food, fuel, paper, clothes, and medicinal to name a few.

    http://www.jackherer.com/chapters.html will help you out but its only a portion of the actual book.
  4. Why and how music affects people :D
  5. Area 51 and the lies we're fed by the government
  6. legalize.

    everyone has rights.
    and besides.
    i don't know a single gay guy who isn't a stoner of our generation.
  7. Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and their effect on each other and society.
  8. I was actually thinking of that as well...

    Here is one i was thinking about...

    "How does specific media bias affect how news is interpreted and delivered? "

  9. That's a HUGE thesis, I dunno how long your paper has to be, but that's a subject that people write books about. Fascinating, of course, but probably too big for your paper.

    How long does it have to be and when's it due?

    If you can, link to the actual assignment.
  10. I dont actually have the assignment yet. Its weird how the professor is making this work. I have to submit a online description (paper) on the topic I have chosen for my paper. Then I have to have my bibliography (works cited) by tomorrow. I have already decided I'm not doing the bibliography yet just because he will understand.

    Its prob going to be anywhere between 8-10 pages, doubled spaced, 12pt font due by end of semester.

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