Energy Shots. Inspiring!

Discussion in 'General' started by What'sThatSmell, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Today I had my first energy shot.
    The immediate feeling of it blasted me with a ton of mixing ideas.
    For those of you who don't know..
    An energy shot is a miniature bottle of caffeine and stimulating chemicals sold by convenience stores.
    The actual name of it is "5-Hour Energy"
    Here is a picture for visual learners;


    There is no crash at all.
    I downed one today during my lunch break and suddenly a wide grin cracked across my face, similar to that of a zoomhead.
    So I got to thinking..
    What could I mix this with to heighten these wonderful affects?

    And I began pondering the famous Jager bomb.
    What if I mixed a large glass full of:

    1/5 Liquor, preferably clear.
    2 Energy Shots (Expensive, that'd cost like $7 right there)
    Redbull (I get them free, so whatever)

    I do love making Upper/Downer drinks.
    The buzz is as desirable as cocaine for me.

  2. Your heart will explode and you will die. :smoke:
  3. That is my hope.

    What an awesome way to go.
  4. That thing and two diet pills, diet pills have a chemical like speed in them to keep you from eating, apperently it salmost impossible to eat on speed. Try it!
  5. Fuck that shit.

    Fuck uppers.

    Ive done real speed.

    Fuck that shit.
  6. Uppers are fun at times, as long as you don't get addicted.
    And I doubt I can get addicted to a mixed Uber Jager Bomb.
  7. Dude. That shit actually works too. I didn't even feel tired after 5 hours. I just went on with my day. I had to take that one time in the morning when I was driving from Florida to NY.
  8. Jus aient for me.

    Im real chill 24/7. Unless ya piss me off.

    I like my downers, I like to chill the fuck out to some bumps.

    Ive done alot of uppers; coke (upper/downer IMO), speed, snorted them damn diet pills and it was similar to speed jus less high. Alot of shit.

    I did speed during adult ed in the bakc of the class one day, Was fuckin hyped as hell i wanted ot run fucking miles man and im like fuck running normally haha.

    I was fucked. 3 days straight off that shit and liqour and down pills and shit.

    Thas why i say fuck uppers.

    Havent fucked with em since.
  9. Well, I have been staying away for thizz for more than 2 months now.
    But, this is just caffeine.
    Everyone is addicted to caffeine.
    The Tim Horton's drive-through's are infamous throughout all of Canada.
  10. Tim Hortons has fucking amazing donuts man. Cream filled heaven. Kicks DunknDonuts in the vag. Wish we had Tim here NY. Go there all the time when I go to Canada to visit some family.
  11. Tim Horton's doesn't have shit on Krispy Kreme.
    Timmies' donuts are sub-par.
    Obviously better than DunknDonuts because that chain sucks, but still.
  12. First off, Im not.

    I dont drink coffee, I dont fuck with none of that shit. I jus wake up and do my thang real chill, Shit if anything im smokin some indica based shit and starting my day off fuck some coffee.

    (I honestly wish some of these drugs would disappear. Exstacy, Coke/Crack, Herion, Meth/Speed mainley.)

    (Shit fucks people up and people jus wanna say its my life blah blah blah and GC is now a perfect example of some of the drugs and combining some of those drugs.)

    (Now im not perfect, Ima smoker, And ima dranker. And people hate cuz of my dranking alot by smokers, And by non all together people they hate on both, But the herb smoking more even when they chain smokin cigs like 2-3 packs a day when i try n make a pack last a week.) (But i drank, And i dont reccomned it, I need to change something man and im realizing it more and more cuz i aient a idiot, Im wise as hell but mainley street smarts but damn i know how ot survive. So i jus wanna recommend herb to the people, Enjoy it.)
  13. Shit tastes like ass and made me more tired o_O
  14. Same with me
  15. Bless Canada for inventing Tim Hortons. That palce got me through High School with their Iced Capps.
    Now it's cold here and their Hot cider is the way to start or end the day.
  16. I don't really like the 5 hour energy. Give me a real energy drink/soda anytime. Also, coffee for the morning, coffee for the evening. I'm having my first cup right now.
  17. Eh, well.
    Soda tastes a lot better, we can all agree on that.
    But, as far as the actual energy goes..
    I don't know about you guys but I don't feel a SINGLE thing after downing a can of Redbull as fast as I can.

    Although this fucker costs $3.75
    A can of Red Bull costs $3.05

    And the energy of this one is a lot better.
    It kept me going from 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.
    And then the 'high' just vanished, no crash at all, just returning to normal.
  18. Red Bull is expensive, there are cheaper energy drinks that do it better. Plus, 5 hour has no sugar.
  19. placebo? i finally tried this stuff the other day, downed it......didnt do shit like every other energy drink......this stuff did nothing for my friend too plus it tastes like that sour spray candy
  20. Caffeine has very mild effects on me. Usually doesn't do much when I have an energy drink so I stopped drinking them. I do, however, enjoy the occasional coffee for the taste.

    Also keepsmokinreefa is on point when he says fuck uppers. I don't want to be running around in circles, I would much rather pack up the bong and lay back in my chair.

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