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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NuggetsSUH, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. I do not have a 400 watt hps bulb yet but im using 6 cfls for 2 weeks until i get a grow light. But my question is, why dont my lights get their full power? I know it has something to do with the wattage and i want to know how to fix it or up the wattage going to my lights. I might be moving my set-up into the garage soon for my power and i was wondering if it would benefit me to move to the garage.

    Thanks in advanced,
    Your fellow pothead

    If it isnt understandable it might be because im blown :D
  2. Your CFL's are not getting full power? How do you know that? :) Maybe you did wrong on the wiring? I don't see moving them to the garage is gonna give you more power... I'm confused :S
  3. Im moving them to my garage because my garage is powered by the apartments my family owns, garage with nothing in them and is powered by the apartment. Not my house..but how would i fix my wiring? They turn on but with the cfl only some of the lightbulb is lite, maybe one side if it doesnt lite, but the rest does...How do i fix this problem?

    Thanks in advanced
  4. Could one CFL be messing the rest up?

    Otherwise be sure you wired them paralell instead of serial....that could be your problem

               --- Light
               --- Light
    Plug ----- Light ---- Light
  5. Yo hommie.... what kinda "wiring" did you do to your cfl?

    What I did with mine is really simple.... I went to wal-mart, bought cfls, bought the little adapters that you screw the bulb into and then plug the other in into the wall (don't know what they're called), then I bought a 3 in one outlet thing (where you can plug 3 chords into the same outlet you know) and it works out perfect. Both cfls will plug into the same outlet and sit right beside each other without touching.

    2 metal coke cans for relfectors and there's you a 52 watt cannabis growing, heat rocking, dreaming of bud, floroscent light. And all of that was under 15 bucks, and less than 20 feet from each other in the store..........

    Hope everything works out well for ya.
  6. A-Jay, you really from amsterdam? Or are you just joking around.

    It's probally none of my buisness, but I'm just curious.
  7. In my case, I have 6 fluro's on one plug, works a little easier. Just do the wiring yourself and you can do this, it's very simple.

    And I'm not joking around about my location, proud to be Dutch ;)
  8. Cool man.... someday I want to come out your way. Maybee we'll meet up when I win the cannabis cup? :D

  9. That would just be way too cool man :D I'm always there for crazy ideas ;) But you'll probably end up second my lad... :D

    NuggetsSUH, did you fix your problem yet?
  10. still tinkering around with the lights etc. But they are all bright as they can be! Thanks for the help fellas!

    Thanks in advanced,
    Your fellow pothead


    I will be posting my stealth setup soon, i have 2 setups going atm :D

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