energy drinks??

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. any1 here like to drink energy drinks after they smoke?? like JOLT or redbull or if any1 has herd of Bawls b4... they are pretty intense and to me seem to make me loopy idk y
  2. Really use to like the blue jolt, But can't find it any more don't know if they stoped making it or something, I like red Bull to.They just wake me up a bit.
  3. Yep, there pretty good. I like monster, Jolt, Rockstar.
  4. no they still make the blue jolts......those are my absolute favorite...they got em all over the convenient stores here
  5. Thanks, I'll have to look around more for them. :D
  6. Rockstar and the Jolts are all pretty good. I only really drink them for the taste. I kinda think the whole energy drink thing is a crock of shit
  7. if i don't have red bull i like amped and full throttle alot.

    anyone ever tried sparks and weed? excelent combo....
  8. ahhh! redbull ! I cant bring myself to pay 2.30 a can for only an 8 ounce can, if I do buy one, I get the 16oz can of rockstar or jolt for the same price or less.
  9. ya redbull may be probly the most popular of all...but man it tastes like ass

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