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Energy Drinks (Sugar/Caffeine) and Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Marc, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. I was thinking of putting this in the apprentice forum, but I don't think its quite a "noob" question really...

    I was just wondering if anyone knows the actual effects of Sugar and Caffeine with Weed? I mean, everytime we get high, we always have a craving for something sweet, and many people will go for Energy drinks, but how does it affect your high?

    I have read things like the Sugar will shorten the high, and toking after 30 minutes will give you a good stimulated/relaxed feeling with the weed.

    I'm going to try and have a wake and bake about 30 minutes after my energy drink, and see how that feels... ive got to clean the house :eek:

    Oh... and no rubbing in my American cousins about the super cool energy drinks that you get and we dont! :(
  2. this most definitely belongs in the apprentice section.

    an energy drink is just an energy drink. you'll get energy from the energy drink and you'll get high from the weed. we crave sugar when we have the munchis because cannabis causes a drop in blood sugar.

    theres no consesus on whether eating kills your high, but really just don't worry about it. if you just think that your gonna lose your high when you eat, you actually will, so just don't worry about it.

  3. I'm not too clued up on anatomy... but I am sure with the caffeine, weed and sugar in your system they will all have different effects when mixed together...
  4. Well, from my experience with weed and energy drinks, the only "effects" are really those perceived from how you think the energy drink will affect you.

    For example, one night, I was hanging out with some friends, we smoked a few bowls, and I went out and got a Monster Imported (best of the Monster line, and the only Monster I will drink), and my high started fading after about half a can.

    Another night, I was with some girls who were smoking for the first time, so I had to educate them in the ways of ganja. We toked roughly the same amount as my friends and I do on a regular basis, so I was fully baked. I went out afterwards, got a Monster Imported, downed it and my high became unbelievable.

    Honestly, I've never had caffeine change up my high one way or the other, regardless of the amount ingested (then again, I've built up a huge caffeine tolerance over the last 15 years).

    However, this will put you right to bed (sometimes) if your high is making you stay up way past when you need to be getting to bed.
  5. caffeine is a stimulant. it will effect you like a stimulant would. what else are you looking for? what effect are you expecting from this incredible combination of which i have multiple times a day anytime i drink tea?
  6. If you are asking a question, regardless of how "noobish" it is or isn't, it belongs in Apprentice.
  7. I waked and baked... then chugged this can of this energy drink called Cocaine... its as strong as 3 and a half red bulls.... umm, my hands started shaking... i was light headed as well... but over all, one of the best feelings i've ever had.
  8. That is simply the caffeine kicking in.. I once downed 4 red bulls when I was on a snowboarding trip in vermont, and I got so shaky, and right after I finished them, I started to get that really acid like throw up coming up into my mouth, every minute. Then that went away, and the I crashed, so hardcore. It was...stupid, to say none the less.
  9. Used to love drinking monster after an L. Was very refreshing.
    Just NEVER ever drink an energy drink while smoking spice, the legal shit, it is a good way to get a panic attack.
  10. i think it also depends on just how thirsty you are.

    If your reaaaaaly thirsty and that thirst is finally quenched and you return back to normal, your high might die a tad.

    maybe its just me.
  11. So if a seasoned toker asks a question, he isn't a seasoned toker? :confused_2:
  12. I personally don't touch energy drinks..shits bad for you boy
  13. Sugar free Redbull or 5-hour energy. I omit the sugar because of the crash. Sugar crash + weed = insta-sleep, no good.
  14. Get a four lokos. :D It's an energy drink the size of a monster but it has a 12% alcohol content. I had one last night and I was faced. Smoked a few bowls too, it was great.

  15. Im taking a snowboarding trip to Stowe, Vermont in January :hello:
    Hows the dank up there?
  16. no. they redesigned the forums so all questions go in the apprentice section. doesn't matter if its granny storm crow or OSG, if a question is being asked, it belongs in the apprentice section. the question being of course not pertaining to any of the other sections set up for particular reasons such as edibles.

  17. I agree. Get a coffee and a soda. You'll get the same energy buzz but without the unnatural chemicals. Plus soda generally tastes better than energy drinks, except for maybe Import Monster, that stuff is delicious.
  18. your talking about getting rid of chemicals and also drinking soda at the same time. im confused.
  19. Ha sickk man, I hit up Killington every winter. But we're only there for like 4 days, or a long weekend, so I usually just pack my own shit. It's way too desolate for myself to find some dank.

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