Energy Consumption

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by 88 Space, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Im fixing to start my first grow,and had a couple questions regarding energy consumption.Ok first off im working with roughly a 6 1/2X10 closet.{measurements give or take,not 100%}anyways the closet has more than enough space,especially on this run,im just experminting with one plant.I have a 400 watt what im curious about is,are there any surprises i could expect?for example how big of a spike on my light bill should i expect?Or has anyone ever had breaker issues with running too much equipment?im just running the light system,a wall mount fan,and a green house heater.Oh the closet is located right im my room so i have a few more appliances.a tv and cable box
  2. Green house heater is what may fuck it up, you shouldn't need it anyway with heat of the mh/hps, consider vent extract to attic or outdoors

    What is wattage of green house heater?

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