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  1. Hey everyone. I have been thinking about growing for sometime now but the only thing holding me back is my worries about energy consumption as I am living in a rented appartment. Can anyone one give me a rough estimate of how much a 240w led light or 500w led light would raise my electric bill? and what kind of household appliances would these compare to. Thanks for any input in advance.
  2. Variables such as what your per kWh costs are can really only be answered by you!

    Try this Electricity Cost Calculator

    ...but I don't know how great it'll be. I just did a Google search and didn't spend nearly as much time looking as someone wanting the answer might! ;)
  3. Thank you for this piece of info. It came out to be about $12 a month extra when the 240w lights were on for 18 hours a day. Does anyone think that this monthly increase would cause any flags to be raised? Im sorry, I have never really worried about the electricty bill because it is included in my rent.
    Also im not sure if the 240w LED lights even consume this much electricty (arnt they more efficient than other sources of lighting?)
  4. 12$ raise is not much. Nobodys going to react to it. No worries. It's like you just bought an extra TV in your bedroom and it's running 18 hours per day :p
  5. Or a gaming computer. Mine has a 850 watt psu in it.
  6. 240w LED lights will use 240 watts per hour they are on. Their efficiency has to do with how much light they produce for that electrical consumption.

    Think twice about attempting to grow in a rented apartment. Search for threads with the word "apartment" or "landlord" in the title, you'll find lots of discussion on the higher risks and limitations associated with growing in a rented place.
  7. okay, thanks everyone for your input, and clearing up the wattage issue. Im still not sure what im going to do though. After reading a few other threads on growing in a rented space im not too sure I am willing to deal with all the extra variables (roomates and management). I might look into going outdoor before the season gets too far underway.

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