Ends of leaves bit off?

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  1. Before anything I should note I topped all my plants a week and a half ago, and I started noticing this a few days after. I have to admit I am a bit confused by this - but about a week ago I noticed on only 2 of my plants out of 11, the ends of two of the bigger leaves appeared to be chomped off. Picture Below. There has been 0 other missing ends since I first noticed them. They aren't "deteriorating" or anything because compared to when I first noticed a week ago they haven't gotten worse in size, if anything they have shrunk due to the plant growing. Things to note: My setup is in a greenhouse in my backyard, and the plants are not being grow with lights. They are all feminized seeds from a popular online seed bank oversees: Jack Herer, Cinderella 99, and Super silver haze. From what I can tell, the only two that got affected were 2 of the Cinderella 99's. Again not sure if this information helps, but can't hurt. There is an automatic vent opener (uses some sort of oil?" ) to open when it gets too humid. The vent on the roof apx. 6 feet above the ground, so I considered the possibility of a squirrel, but others seem to think if it was an animal it wouldn't have been able to get back out. Thoughts? [​IMG]
  2. Had this on two of mine was thrips living in the new shoots little cunts only things that was on those plants so I mixed soap oil water in spray bottle drenched the leaves top n bottom didn't happen again I still find the odd thrip every few days but they're under control now your could be different bug but looks bang on the same as my damage..

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  3. Want a guess? The main cola was, simply, bruised at an early point (an unintentional FIM?).
    The blunt edges tend to match up that way.
    No foul, no harm.
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  4. Thank you, Ill do a closer inspection next time to check. Will most likely use your soap oil water spray bottle method. Do you suggest I do it even if it isnt happening anymore? I would say yes as Im not sure if the problem will stop since it hasnt gotten worse.
  5. This could very well be so, Ill be keeping a close eye
  6. If you see further damage, then I am dead wrong.
    Just watch for a day: I don't SEE any damage to the newer growth; only those two fan leaves.
    I've never had any thrips like Kencancook87, so it's up in the air.
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  7. i agree with @tooslow ,,ive had the same happen with plants ive grown pinched top out andand damaged new leaves just starting to grow and got leaves just like whats showing in the pictures ,,,mac,,
  8. AKA an OhNoSecond
    I'm embarrassed by how many times...
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  9. its easily done though ,lol..mac,,
  10. Hope ya solve the issue mate maybe look for them still they are tiny no harm looking n preventing I guess mine was 100% from a thrip living in the new shoots cos I seen the fucker run out when I sprayed it with the soap spray same on two plants never happened after the spray or to any others ill try grab a pic so compare

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  11. 'specially if you tend to 'love them to death', as I do.
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  12. As bizarre as it may sound, *I'd* have fun at this point with my digital microscope... searching, searching...
    I kid you not.
    NOT to minimize the OP's plight.
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  13. it could have been a caterpillar ..but the bits removed give my a clue it was because of pinching the top out ,,,easy mistake ,,mac,
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  14. Best to catch those little basterds before they miltiply not fun fighting them at all get them in veg cos flower your not gonna be able to do much about it as far as I know anyway..

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  15. dont we all love our plants ,yes sir we do :Love-Plant: ..mac..
  16. Pulled it off for a better pic but looks the same [​IMG]

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  17. I did just that on a Ficus tree. The tree began dropping its leaves. I looked at the leaves and I thought I saw sugar.
    OH, NO... bugs!!!!!!!
    I put the leaves under my microscope and saw sugar and every joint... but NO BUGS.
    Research time.
    Bottom line; a Ficus, when stressed, with generate sugar from built-in glands (to attract pollinators)!
    I trimmed her up, I withheld water for a short, and yahoo !!!!
    Digital microscope; saved me from trying to wash a six foot tree in my house.
  18. You've got all manner of groovy, moving, colorful... devices in your posts.
    All I have is me babbling....
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  19. Arghhhh....... ;)
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  20. every one has the;'groovy .moving'colorful devices,,next time you reply to a post look at the top of the post box and look for the smiley face click on that and you' get a handful to choose from ,,:smiley-rolling-joint::hookah::smoking-bong::wave::jump:,,mac

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