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ENDLESS bowl...a gift or a curse?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stonedking64, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Me and my black friend from across the street got some dankity dank dank and were baked watching the real face of Jesus and it seems like we have been toking for a long ass time but the bowl is far from death...

    If the endless bowl has/would happen to you, would you consider it a miraculous gift or a terrible curse?
  2. Never ending bowl/container of weed would be one of my 3 wishes. So fuck yeah it's a gift.
  3. I've had that endless bowl once all to myself. It's really a gift. Remember though you can put it out and come back when your high starts to wear off.
  4. It would be a gift if it was a bowl that had been nicely cornered and you get a fresh green hit everytime.

    Curse if its that last hit that tastes like ash but you smoke anyway to make sure you got it all.
  5. I've experience an endless bowl twice, the first time it was a curse, it was just two of us with some very dank stuff (we usually smoke mids) and at one point it felt like torture finishing it. Of course afterwards it was awesome being that baked.
    The second time was a gift, we just kept smoking bowl after bowl while watching tv, I'm not even sure what else we did that day haha.

    So i guess it depends
  6. I always get the endless bowl when I smoke by myself, anyways. Or at least it seems like. It's nice. ABUNDANCE
  7. One time me and my two buddies went and bought an eigth and the dude gave us this HUGE bud that looked like a pyramid and all we had was a pop-can to smoke out of.

    So we parked at some construction sight and sat on a crane for like an hour and a half and just hooted on the Pyramid bud before i was just like "Man, this is fucking stupid, we've been smoking a single bud out of a can for ages now"

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