"End the War on Drugs!" PETITION for the UNITED NATIONS. By Avaaz

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    Avaaz - End the War on Drugs! 

    Feel free to repost/facebook/email/BCC this link to everyone you can.

    This has been posted in the activism forum, and some other subforums but needs all the sigs it can get!
  2. Unicorns?
  3. Yes, unicorns. Problem?
  4. Unicorns, fuck yeah.
  5. Done - reposted to FB:D
  6. :smoke:
  7. Reposted to FB. Spread this !
  8. Signed and re posted to FB.
  9. Unicorns are pretty bad ass, just sayin.
  10. Signed.

    I'm having this sent to anyone and everyone that I know.
  11. Signed it! I also signed the petition to make our PM up here in Canada not spout nonsense at the G8, 2011.

    I also enjoy unicorns. Perhaps they could make another petition that pushes for unicorn rights. I'm sick and tired of people being prejudiced against these glorious, sparkling, pink-haired, star-tattooed, single-horned beasts.
  12. This is awesome, its amazing to see all the worldwide support on this
  13. Signed and passed on.
  14. Haha signed and passed on.
  15. How isn't this thread exploding with support? Bump.
  16. we need to spread this thing like wildfire. savings lives is at stake here!!:hello:
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