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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by stookey, May 13, 2004.

  1. What are you guys thoughts on armageddon?

    The most logical possibility is the sun burning out, but there are many other possibilites...

    whats your thoughts?
  2. I stick with the Biblical account of what will happen. The rapture, followed by the 7 year tribulation period. I believe this will be divided into 2 segments of 3.5 years each, during which antichrist will rule the world. During the second 3.5 years antichrist will be satan incarnate. I believe after this there will be a war in the valley of Megiddo (sp?) known as Armageddon. After Armageddon antichrist, the false prophet, and the beast will be cast into hell where satan will be bound for a thousand years. After this there will be 1 more tempting of those who were born during the millennial reign of Christ on earth, a final assault on the throne of God by satan, and then the great white throne judgment spoken of in Revelation 20:7-15.

    I just want to mention that this thread does not appear to have been started as a 'debate thread.' So please don't turn it in to one. We have other threads on this forum for debates.

    I'm not going to argue my views, but if anyone is interested in why I believe this, or wants to know more about it, let me know. I'll gladly share.
  3. I see the world ending at the hands of man, nuclear holocost(sp?) is a logical guess I believe.
  4. i agree with serenesmoker... i really can't see mankind allowing the world to last. We are a degenerative society with way to much power.
  5. Many possibilities, the dissapearing of the magnetic field (happened on mars), the consequenses of global warming, the shut down of all computer networks (and the consequenses of that; nuclear bombs randomly firing everywhere, planes crashing down etc.)
    there's so many ways that the world could "end" of course the world would still be there just without any life in it. but if that'll someday happen then it happens, but it hasn't happened yet.
  6. the sun will never run out, but we can fall outta orbit over millions of years.......
  7. For one, the sun is not going to go out. It is run by nuclear fission where the hydrogen is "burned" which turns to helium which can also burn but not as much, then it will colapse on itself and turn to a dwarf or a black hole, and no we will not get sucked into it if it does, we will still orbit it like normal. We are way too far away. I personally think that the magnetic field thing is pretty viable, like that one movie, i forget the name. If the center of the earth somehow stops then yes the earths magnetic feild will reverse.

    I think that the end of the world will come from a) over mining, but i dont think itll bring armaggedon. b) a meteor is always possible c) there IS another galaxy(or is it universe??) that is heading right for us and will rip ours apart, then they will join to make another while everything else drifts into space d) nuclear holocaust where we will destroy ourselves e) global warming will destroy humans, not the world, and the destruction of the ozone. I personally think that we will kill ourselves. We will overmine the earth, drain all resources, and deplete the ozone to the earth is uninhabitable. We will be forced to leave earth for another planet if technology is advanced to that point.

    Ofcourse we could also advance technology to the point that it overruns us and we are forced to fight a war against robots whereby we will fill the air with smoke, blocking off the sun from the robots for energy. Then they will use us for energy and we will be forced to live in the earth's tunnels which we call xion, our main city. Then we will have to enter the matrix and fight the robots for control, then the chosen one, the new Jesus will come and save us. :p
  8. We wont get sucked IN to the sun but the explosion that occurs when the sun implodes to itself will wipeout all the planets of our solar system away. and as the magnetic field "shutting down" it's allready weakening, with an increasing speed.
  9. No more weed. That would be the end of the world as I know it
  10. what do u mean by world? humans or existence?

    existence i believe wont ever end, just recycle itself agian and again

    for humans: i think that if we survive long enough to leave this planet before killing ourselves with nuclear weapons, well just begin to populate the galaxy and evolve until we arent humans anymore
  11. Who cares we'll all be dead by then anyway,that plus the fact that sod all lasts for ever convince me that it's time to light another.
    Meteor impact.
    Big earth quake .
    Spiders from mars.

  12. Maybe for the sun to run out or whatever, but as for the Bibilical account of armageddon, it could very well happen within our life-times. There's a lot of prophecy about this in the Bible, and we're seeing a lot of the signs in today's world.
  13. Ya, like that's gonna happen. If I had a nickel for everytime somone mentioned armageddon 'n religious ends of the world, I'd be Bill Gates. I mean, just look at the whitnesses. And there are loads of christian fractions who tell you like every 5 years: Holy shit...the world is going under
  14. well, i'm not saying that i know when it's going to happen (no one does). all i said was there are a lot of prophecies that have/are in the process of coming true. that would indicate that we could very well see it in our lifetimes
  15. Do you have cable? If you do then watch out for a program called Penn and Teller Bullshit !!!!
    All I will say about prophesies is that according to various sources the world should've ended in 1999,or 1355 or maybe it was meant to be 2023 who knows,who cares?
    I am not one to believe everything I read or am told,the doomsayers have been with us for eons and one day one of them might just be right, but like I said "I don't really care".

    Soothsayers, fortune tellers, Nostradamus, God, it's all the same to me, I don't believe any of them.

    Repent sinners before it's too late,the end of the world is nigh! Sounds like some fruit loop in a sandwich board doesn't it???
    If I'm wrong then I suppose like everything in my life, I will cross that bridge when I come to it

    Fear of death is death itself.
  16. It will come. When it does.. lets just say the bible doesnt lie. Armageddon has to come sometime... all the ungodly will be done away with. Im not trying to sound like a preacher trying to scare kids, but i feel sorry for the unholy.... terrible things will happen to them.

  17. March 17th, 3466 at 10:35 AM. (Eastern Standard Time)

  19. Prove me wrong !.!

  20. ok, and how do you know YOUR right?

    You can never truely know anything. Your just here for the ride, try not to hold opinuns, if there wrong you'll get ridiculed, if your right youll get preicy, when it can just happen that way even if u hadnt predicted it.

    Thats how i try to live, i argue. But i argue for most points if ppl start acting TOO sure of themselfs. Know all points and all veiws

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