End of the world

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  1. Due to human causes or natural causes?

    end of the world meaning basically most life on earth being ended by...something. war? nukes? some natural cause?

    one or the other is going to happen. when? its the ugly truth...if somehow its not through nukes or war or some other testosterone shit then it'll be another natural cycle of the earth...we got a ways to go yet. dinosaurs lived for 165 million years, the earth's most successful species. we've been around 4 million...so what natural disaster will cause our demise?

    how does god play into all of this? if religion is so legitimate, why are there no traces of it anywhere in any species before humans?
  2. I say neither because I dont think humans will be able to completely wipe themselves off the earth their will be a few survivors to rebuild.

    Also I think we are too advanced to die from natural causes except maybe a super virus or huge asteroid (that we would see coming from a million miles away)

    I think aliens will eventually enslave/kill humans.

    Edit: I believe that there have been countless civilizations in the past that have fought great wars and knocked humans back to the stone age (ex: atlantis)
  3. Itll probably have something to do with us nearing our carrying caoacity of 12-14 billion sometime around 2050. Limited resources, famine, etc. Idk if itll end the world per say, but things will definitely vhange. And the more humans there are,the worse the environment will be, unless we develop some really eco-saving technologies really soon.

    So definitrly human caused.
  4. We have to spread and reproduce life onto many many planets and space stations. We have to populate the galaxy. Then we can assure our survival, at least until the universe runs out of entropy.

  5. Runs out of entropy? I though tthat that was impossible by nature?
  6. You cant solve famine its impossible. If you have enough food for everyone it will cause an insane population boom, famine is a natural way to keep the population down and not necessarily a bad thing. Deer populations survive this way.

  7. Sorry I guess I got that backward...

    When the universe reaches maximum entropy.

  8. I never said you could solve famine, thats what i was talking about. I just think that once we hit our carrying capacity, the worlds resources wont be the same. So basically like said above, wer egonna have to populate space if we want to survive as a species.
  9. Yellowstone will likely wipe out a massive portion of our civilisation in the near future, but that's okay. We've already colonized in the depths of the moon where we interact with a species of alien gray.

  10. Ya right, the gray's aren't letting us inside their deathstar!
  11. overpopulation is also a very very real concern. maybe not even in our lifetime, but it WILL be...think of the year 2500. we will HAVE to start building UP to accommodate all these people and not resort to being absolute savages...up. going to HAVE to figure out ways to have civilizations in the layers of the atmpsphere, etc....haha. imagine, a big elevator through the atmosphere: 25,000 ft. 30,000 ft. stratosphere: 35,000 ft. bahaha. but for real...its gotta be.

    and you shouldnt say never, eventually the sun IS going to die, no doubt about that. the earth will be destroyed.
  12. Ithink an important question is being ignored here: if we have to colonize other planets, how do we save the weed??

  13. Haha thats an interesting thought! Idk though i think if we got to that point the world wouldnt have enough resources and our population would decrease again.

    Imagine having to have oxygen tanks in elevators though haha
  14. Since technology is exponential by 2500 their will be shit that will blow your fucking mind, I mean supercomputers that know the answer to everything or some shit lol.
  15. By the time the suns going to go out a billion + years we will probaly be able to recreate our own suns for perfect conditions (terraforming etc)

  16. even then...mother nature is a completely unpredictable force of the universe, and can do whatever she wants regardless of what the computers say. lol. but by 2500..they will definitely have some crazy shit. but that is 500 years from now. we're overpopulated as it is.

    i think another possibility by 2500-3000 maybe further...all land on earth is going to be one big city. connecting. there will be no more green, no more land, no more mountains. one big attached city. once again...it pretty much HAS to happen.

  17. thats assuming we'll even be around for another 3 billion years. what if yellowstone had a supereruption in 2 days? its been breathing lately...

  18. What happens to the oceans? They evaporate? Then wheres our water?

  19. by the year 3236? who the fuck knows. maybe all you need to do is absorb a microscopic water molecule that somehow holds enough water to sustain you for a month. or something. idk dude.

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