end of probation question

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  1. So today i had my final meeting with my P.O. and he told me i have been released from probation!!!! He said i can now spend the night at friends n shit but he want me to come in 4 days and pick up the legal papers because the judge has to sign them. I really want to smoke cause i havent for 8 months now. My crime was a non drug related crime and i havent been drug tested once throughout the whole time. Could and would he drug test me when i go to pick up the papers?
  2. Im pretty sure youre fine since your charge was not drug related and you havent been drug tested the entire time.
  3. Um..he can. It's 4 days bro.
  4. Just wait 4 days. What's another 4 days compared to 8 months?
  5. I'd be safe and wait the four days. Use the time to gather up some smoking supplies from your LHS.
  6. Wait it out dude. Four days is worth it to stay out of that crap again.
  7. Wait til the last day to buy yourself some new glass, that way you have something to look forward to... That's how I got through my first t-break, even if it was only like a week. Anyways congrats!

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