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  1. First off, I know this probably isn't the right place to post this but I wasn't sure where else to.

    I was on probation for the last 6 months, meeting with my P.O. on the second Tuesday of each month. I already had my last meeting and she didn't make me take a UA and I asked her if that was all and she said yes.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the end of probation. I was only on probation for paraphernalia and, well, they gave me drug abuse as well because I was high at the time. Throughout probation, my officer seemed to feel that I was doing what I needed to do and I have been. They tested me the first 2 months and after that never told me if I would be tested or not, which I was not. Unfortunately, during this time I got to see Radiohead... Sober. Oh well, not a big deal but now even though I'm apparently done with probation, according to my officer, I'm still technically on Community Control for the rest of the month. Has anyone had an experience where they sent them something in the mail about a final court date? I didn't have to fill out any paperwork at my last meeting other than the regular monthly form. I'm pretty sure that they can't notify me of court dates through mail or the phone though, seeing as every time I had to appear for something previously, I was told in person and handed a piece of paper with a date on it. I would think my officer would have given me something at the last meeting.

    Anyways, today's plans are to finally say fuck this shit and re engage with the beautiful Mary. I just figured I'd check first if anyone ran into anything where the court acted in a legal grey area and called them back in after they thought they were done. I'm like 90% confident that this won't happen but *shrug*

    Thanks for reading my sobriety induced adhd post!
  2. When I got off probation my lady made me sign a paper that said I was finished with probation and had paid of my fees.
    I asked the same question you did "is that it?" she said yep....
    I never heard from her or the court system again.
    Happy Blazing
  3. dont smoke yet make sure youre down with everything ! . it would suck if you had only a couple more days and they randomly drug test you? i wouldn't risk it
  4. See I was on 3 year felony and I didn't sign anything at the end, they basically ignored me and I had to call them.

  5. Trix and Fish, that's what I'm thinking. and Fabian, I mean I don't see how they could rely on mail or phones for you to get a message about showing up somewhere. they could have the wrong information even though I know they don't because I had to fill out all my shit every month but anyways, yeah I mean, they barely even know what's going on so I'm pretty sure that once I'm done, they're not going to think about me again. my p.o. just got so into the habit of me coming in with everything I needed she didn't even know how many I had left and had to verify that it was my last meeting on her computer but yeah I'm done. I think the only reason that it would matter that I'm still technically on community control is if I get in trouble AGAIN it'll count as probation violation as well as whatever regular charge. I'm about to just go start making up for lost time now that I'm done with class for the day.
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    Also thanks guys for replying! I feel as if I said wayy too much yet not enough. tendrils.
  7. enjoy your tolerance

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