End of Grow PICTURES!!!! (hydro multi flow unit)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by ganjaganja, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Okay so since my old grow journal was depressing for me to open when i wanted to post these pics, I decided to make a new one.

    This is the last leg of my grow, that previously had some problems with assholes, but I found the right nutes to take care of them!

    well anywho, here are some pics:

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  2. these pics were taken about a week ago. since then i have added co2 that goes in in 30 min intervals, and off for 30 min. the buds are getting bigger. will add new pics tomorrow
  3. You might of had a rough start, but in the end they look awesome! Great job ganjaganja!
  4. Um, damn that is a nice garden filled with beautiful ladies.
    What strains?
  5. purple kush and kong, i think everyone can guess which ones are which,

    i ended up with 7 p.k's and one kong
  6. a few more for your taste....

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  7. How big of an area are you working with? And is that a 1000W light or what? HPS I assume...?

    Shit looks stellar, man. I have to say I'm impressed. That PK looks bombay. I'll be stopping by as the grow continues.

    Is this a continuous grow? Or are you done when those current ladies are harvested?
  8. im working with a 6x4x6ft room that I built within my basement, that is 6 and 1/2 feet tall. That is a 1000 watt hps. I only have one room, due to rental situations, to grow in, so when I cut these plants down, i throw more clones in right after I clean out the room.
  9. Ya, I hear ya about the "rental" situation you're in. I grow illegally as well...so I have to do alot of things that I wouldn't do otherwise, given a different situation. Do you have other strains besides the two you have in the flower room at the moment?

    Check out my journal in my sig... Let me know what you think about it. And I'd like criticism over praise any day. Things look fine right now...but my plan for next year is to upgrade 3x-4x. So literally...anything you think I could do better, I'd more than love to hear it.
  10. actually, by rental I didnt mean I grow illegally, I grow 110% leagl. medical card, real medical problem. just a rental house im in so I can't do serious construction to the framming. ill check out your grow first thing tomorrow brother. thanks for checking out mine,

    time to rest these weary eyes...

  11. I wish I even had that opportunity... Oh well, I'm careful and my plan is to be in Cali sometime down the road. So until then, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  12. starting flush now. doing a 14 day flush. will check back in this week with pics
  13. What's the word Ganja? What's the yield? Any updates?
  14. hello all. been busy lately. few broken ribs from snowboarding along with a nice case of pneumonia. also had to get a root canal, bad things do come in 3's......

    anywho im finishing the last plant as we speak. lookin at around 2 lbs dry weight.
    Im very happy with the outcome of this small closed room

    I also purchased sum bubble bags and have been making hash with them. Anyone who uses bubble bags can you tell me how much your usual yield is with an 8 bag kit?

    After the grow I have decided that the Kong is a much bigger producer of large buds and overall yield, over the purple kush. It produces almost 3x's as much, and has much less leaf matter to clip.

    i will get back with pics of the grow tomorrow. i promise.
  15. Nice I'm really excited to see the pictures. 2lbs is a pretty awesome yield man, you should really be proud. I only hope to get the same out of my room and mine's a little bigger with two 1000 watters. How tall were your plants from the tops of the buckets to the tops of the plants? I think I might have some height issues here in a couple weeks. I let mine veg out to a foot and a half and now they are just hitting the 3 foot mark and not even 2 weeks into bloom.
  16. i had a HUGE height problem. i let mine veg for too long which is why i ended up tying them down, and ultimately covering them with chicken wire, as you can see in the pics above..

    my kong ended up being just under 7 fett, and the p.k. was about 6 1/2 feet. total. after i installed chicken wire, all plants were 4 feet tall
  17. those purple kush look funny...where you pick up the cuts at?
  18. at a local place

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