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  1. So, I'm not at the end of flowering, but I like to know in advance. :)

    I have read a lot of conflicting info about what to do at the end of flowering. Some people say to remove all nutrients and run pure water for the last two days before harvest. Some people say to do this for much longer, up to two weeks! But I think maybe they are thinking of soil.

    In your hydro grow, how long before harvest do you cut off the nutes? And do you still use a sugar/carb supplement during this period, or just straight-up PH corrected water?

    After reading all the conflicting information, my current plan is to cut off nutes one week before harvest and replace them with an organic sugar/carb product (haven't chosen one yet) to swell the buds and improve the flavor. Seems logical, but I'm a noob. Any advice?
  2. In your hydro grow, how long before harvest do you cut off the nutes? And do you still use a sugar/carb supplement during this period, or just straight-up PH corrected water?

    I use straight water, no ph adjust or anything, just plain oooppm r/o water..
    it really flushes them well. i do one week so your right on track..2-3 week's is for soil...

  3. I flush about a week as well, but I use Clearx and I pH it down. As for any carbs or sugars, I would only use something natural if you are going to use it during the flush. The point of the flush is to get the nutes out, so you dont want to add to it. Some ppl use molasses or an organic carb like Humboldt Nutrients Honey Organic ES Honey
  4. Thanks for the input! Yes, I was thinking of using blackstrap molasses, a teaspoon per gallon, for my final week. I know a lot of hydro growers consider molasses blasphemy, but I think it'd be fine for just the last week to give the buds some extra boost and flavor. The biggest danger with molasses seems to be that micro-organisms love the sugar as much as the plants do, but I was already planning to use hydroponic-grade hydrogen peroxide anyway, which should kill the creepy crawlies.

    Anyway, glad to know I'm not completely off in left field. :)
  5. well the problem is it gum's up any water work and leaves shit in your res..it also will mask the flavor of your herb with a molasses taste...try sugar daddy from technaflora, it's a great flavor enhancement and carb booster..work's good imho..and not very expensive
  6. Awesome, thanks! I looked at some info, but can't tell if it's a chemical-based product. I am hesitant to use anything that isn't pure natural in my flush, since I am using chemical nutes for my grow and I want that junk out before I harvest.
  7. I dunno, maybe I'll just use the carb boost for all of flowering BUT the flush, so I don't have to worry about it. Damn I hate being a clueless noob. :)
  8. lol a flush is just that, a flush, thats why i alway's get rid of anything in my res for one week, then harvest at night...
    your enhancer will add flavor just fine, but you dont want anything to mask it, so the best thing to do is just use water..
  9. Awesome, thanks again. I'd up your rep, but it seems I haven't upped enough other people's yet to do yours again. :) I'll try that sugar daddy, since I know my local store has it, for most of flowering, then just water for the last week. Sounds like a plan.
  10. ya i'm lovin the whole technaflora recipe for success kit...it's an entire nutrient line for soil or hydro...comes with everything including sugar daddy, rootech cloning gel the work's! costs about 30-40$ anywere..awesome set for the money..
  11. not sure of the ingredients in sugar daddy, but when looking for a good carb/sugar its good to have one with pure cane sugar (which I've only found in a couple of products like Sweet citrus). I think alot of growers out there don't realize how big of a difference just adding one supplement can make. Once ya do though, you'll LOVE the results you get. I have one strain that I didnt give carbs to while flowering and she wasnt anywhere near as good as her sister that had a full dose
  12. sugar daddy is 2% cane baby!:D:p
    but ya your right...me being a deep south grower, sugar cane is everywere and as cheap as the generic pancake syrup...about 1$ lol
    i alway's use cane over molasses...molasses mask's to much flavor for my likings rather than enhance them...
    but ya it's water soluble mag, sulfer, cane sugar..has a nutrient value of 0-0-0;)
  13. Do you use Sugar Daddy during veg as well, or just flowering? I've read that a lot of people use the sugar/carb supplement throughout, and that's what the company website suggests (of course). But I'm only interested in doing what will enhance the end quality of my harvest.
  14. yes i use a 1/4 dose during veg...
    they actually recomend using it with a combo of root66 right after transplanting clones or mature plant's as well to enhance rootdevelopment and decrease any shock..
    they dont say to use sugar daddy for veg or main flower stage either, technaflora say's to use it about week 4 and until flush...
    but i find throwing a tsp per gallon in with my nutes does help...i do regular water changes though...so i would use it in very small doses during the whole cycle...
    in soil it can be used a lot more ..soil is more forgiving ...lol
    but in your dro setup, use a tsp or less until flowering them up it to 2 tsp the first 3-4 week's of flower, then 3tsp per gallon 4-7 week's, then flush plain water...thats my recipe..
  15. Nice! If it works for you, I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the benefit of your experience.
  16. hey no problem...i use a ton of nutes, almost every line available, this kit is about one of the most complete i've seen and the best nutes for the very affordable price..
    i got botles of humbolt collecting dust after i bought this kit...lol

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