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  1. The Roman Empire was very impressive and controlled a lot of the eastern hemisphere. America resembles the Roman Empire in my opinion cuz of the type of government and the amount of power they both have/had.... which leads to this... the Roman Empire collapsed. All the great empires have collapsed or diminished... so when do u think America will fall? America won't last forever and eventually will collapse but how soon? I have thought about this and believe it will be within 250 years because of the economy and war. Most likely there will be another type of World War within 250 years and technology now and developing technology makes killing large amounts of ppl more efficient. So how long do ya'll think America will last?
  2. less than 250 years...it's on the road to self-destruction...it's practically a police state, and hopefully people will become fed up enough to revolt...and that will be the beginning of the end.
  3. i wouldnt say we are in a police state at all... we j/have some very closed minded ppl in power.
  4. When America Dies

    When America dies
    freedom will truly ring
    When America dies
    of land of liberty we sing
    When America dies
    The capitalists will too
    When America dies
    the truth will shine through.

    It will happen it's just a question of when the gov't fucks up so bad that the public can no longer ignore the wrongdoings with conscience, even if it means going against patriotism. Either that or when the next ice age comes and half the nation is buried by glacier.

    Unless globalization succeeds, then the end of america will be the end of the world.

  5. the tighter the hand of oppression grips the more of us slip through the gaps.

    but the game has changed.

    all bets are off/.

    the world and the rules we all play by now, the tools of the game have all changed so drastically since the last empires. never has there been an empire that got to play this game.

    i only hope the basic principles can still apply... if not.....
    we will either endure the empire for all eternity, or they will destroy us all trying to get it.

    at a push, if i have to give a time....

    i'm being optimistic here... very optimistic... 30 years.

    but what will follow? another empire? or a collective world, united against a comon opressor, liberating the americans, a world not devoyd of problems but problems get tackled in the natural order of things, insteada either being ingnored or bombed.
  6. I j/saw 28 days later, the movie about a virius that turns ppl into zombies which basically started anarchy and caused most of the world to die, and it gave me some new visions of the future of the world. It would be too easy for an outbreak to occur..... not necessarily a zombie virius but one more like SARS or AIDS, even a nuclear war, or global warming and flooding and other natural diseasters. Its hard to believe how fragile this world is and scary to know of the damage mankind can do to one another and the world.
  7. I saw recently an interview on tv, some old scientist guy has used most of his life to study the falls of thirty different empires through human history. He made an estimation that USA has about 20 years left. His earlier estimation was 25 years, but since Dubya got precidency, he took 5 years off from that :)

    So enjoy terrorizing the whole world while you still can, I'm sure no-one will hold a grudge :D

  8. dude, the whole world didn't die in 28 days later. it turns out the rest of the world managed to contain it fast enbough, and Britain was quarantined.

    kick ass film. i was just amazed that they managed to close such a big part of london off for the film!
  9. That's a good question, I've never thought about it that way. Maybe when I smoke later I'll come up with something to add...
  10. I dont believe the USA govt will ever fall by itself, the checks and ballances seem to work, and most people wouldnt give a crap if someone said " fuck the govt lets revolt it has wronged us". I beleve our govt is a stabe system in all times war, good, and bad economy. The question is will humans still be around in 250 years???? Once the oil becomes more rare i dont feel we will ever be dependant on non-petroleum fuels. We will fight for control of oil feilds and war will break out, chemicals released, bombs set off viruses spread. And the few will survive. But the people in todays society are too dependant on others and wont be capable to suppot themselves then the USA will fall...

    That just how i see it

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