End Game - David Baldacci

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    Last seen in rural Colorado, Blue Man had taken a rare vacation to go fly fishing in his hometown when he disappeared off the grid. With no communications since, the team can't help but fear the worst.

    Sent to investigate, Robie and Reel arrive in the small town of Grand to discover that it has its own share of problems. A stagnant local economy and a woefully understaffed police force have made this small community a magnet for crime, drugs, and a growing number of militant fringe groups.

    But lying in wait in Grand is an even more insidious and sweeping threat, one that may shake the very foundations of America. And when Robie and Reel find themselves up against an adversary with superior firepower and a home-court advantage, they'll be lucky if they make it out alive, with or without Blue Man . . .

    My first uhmerican action novel for some time, is total crap..the violance is over the top, the morality of the 2 hero's crap and corrupt, the list goes on and on..the sex even of which theres one turgid paragraph like the entire book immature and un necessary

    I've often thought the book reviews at amazon were bent .. this only proves it

    ... you ever see a free preview for books ... run away

    Score: 2/10
  2. Lol that cover looks like complete crap Vostok ; lmao at the free preview comment.
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  3. I'm not sure if this is related to the series I've read by baldacci but I think it is I thought it was a pretty good series violence could be toned down sure but it is a book based on such events all in all I like the style of his writing and the endings usually kept me reading
  4. Baldacci is a great novelist. Not quite as good as Grisham IMO. Will have to check this book out on my next trip to the library!
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    The closer Amos Decker comes to the truth, the deadlier it gets in David Baldacci's
    latest #1 New York Times bestselling Memory Man thriller.

    Something sinister is going on in Baronville. The rust belt town has seen four bizarre murders in the space of two weeks. Cryptic clues left at the scenes--obscure bible verses, odd symbols--have the police stumped.

    Amos Decker and his FBI colleague Alex Jamison are in Baronville visiting Alex's sister and her family. It's a bleak place: a former mill and mining town with a crumbling economy and rampant opioid addiction. Decker has only been there a few hours when he stumbles on a horrific double murder scene.

    Then the next killing hits sickeningly close to home. And with the lives of people he cares about suddenly hanging in the balance, Decker begins to realize that the recent string of deaths may be only one small piece of a much larger scheme--with consequences that will reach far beyond Baronville.

    Decker, with his singular talents, may be the only one who can crack this bizarre case. Only this time--when one mistake could cost him everything--Decker finds that his previously infallible memory may not be so trustworthy after all...
    Book 4 of the memory man series, same dribble as above, same fascination with firearms and violence
    I had hoped he might have upped his game ...shame


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