Encouraging Some Stretch On Autos?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Titans, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. I have recently started a seedling. Bubblelicious Auto. And I was curious if making the plant stretch more towards the light but not in an unhealthy sense. I was wondering if this would have a good or negative impact on early growth?
  2. In the seedling stage, your plant needs more heat than light actually. After it has built out a root system and has started to put on new growth at a good pace, leave it alone. However, if at some point you want to encourage your plant to grow taller (stretch), simply pull your light source away. The further away the light, the more the plant will grow toward it. Lowering it down onto the plant more, encourages bushing. However, always keep heat in mind when pulling light closer to your plants. Heat will kill them quick. TWW
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  3. How much heat exactly as in the temp of the room would be best for building a great root system. I am currently in a smart pot and temp is at 75
  4. under led 82 is the new normal. Less light makes autos stretch or farther away than 18 inches, but not sure why anybody would want their plant to stretch. Compact even canopy is usually the goal. Any grow formula with high N will cause an auto to keep on growing right through flower and create a mess with long stems that can't even support the small buds the high N produces.

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