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  1. So me and my friend decide to smoke in our dorm room. We light up in the bathroom, sploof and spray, and all is well. Me and him decide to walk to the cafe on campus to get some food. As we get back to our room, we realize that somehow the door had locked itself when we left. The only option we had was to call security to come open our door for us. We were both pretty high, and both our eyes were hella red so we thought we were pretty much fucked because dealing with security is dangerous as fuck but we also had to get back into our room. So my friend calls up security and and we wait.

    After about 10 minutes or so, we see the guy coming from all the way at the end of the hallway, I turn away, freaking out, thinking "AH shit here he comes" His footsteps get louder and he comes up to us.

    He said something like are you the guys who called
    and we were like yeah
    so he starts to open our door, and out of nowhere he says to us "MMM i can smell that, smells good."
    Me and my friend look at each other and freeze. Then the guy opens the door and says bye and walks off and we were like wtf? But then we realized we had all our food with us and that was what he smelled, not the weed. We had a good laugh about it later, but it still scared the crap ouuta us.
  2. Haha I probably would have thought the same thing. I went to work once and walked by my boss. He said something like "Hey its Andrew (my name) Marley." At first I thought he knew I was high, I had just smoked before coming, but then I realized I was wearing a shirt with rasta colors on it.
  3. Hahaha that was a good story man, great first post.
  4. You got lucky.

    It's generally a horrible idea to smoke inside dorms.

    And..do you just regularly leave your room with no intention of locking it? And for neither one of you to be carrying a key... could have turned out pretty shitty for you, but fortunately it didn't.
  5. i would have just found something else to do for a few hours so the smell can go away a bit. then i would have called security
  6. Ha ha, that's pretty funny. I'd be paranoid as fuuuuck though, I dont see how you get way with smoking on campus...
  7. AHAHAHAH dudes tthat fuckein hilararrrious
  8. haha imagine if you guys both revealed that you smoked pot by accident cuz you thought he smoked too, then got fucked over
  9. I used to get locked out a lot, and it always seemed like it was at 2 AM on a Thursday night (or Friday morning) after I just got wasted at a party. Awful experiences. Later on, we realized we could do the card trick on both of our doors (we had a door to the suite and a door to our room). It was cool that we never had to call security to let us in again, but it also looked shady as fuck and was kinda scary how easily someone could conceivably get into my room.

    Not to the OP: It's not that hard to smoke in your dorm room.

    I lived in the dorms Freshman year and we used to toke up almost every night without worry, and our RAs were dicks, too. If you have a suite with a bathroom and shower, you just use a hot shower to disguise the smell. Let the shower get hot, make a sploof in the meantime, go into the bathroom, get some kind of fragrant shampoo and pour a good portion on whatever part of the shower floor the hot water is hitting. You won't need to continuously spray air freshener. Use the sploof and there's almost no smell, especially if you blow your hits into the shower. Oh, and towel the door, which is easy because you probably have towels in the bathroom.

    We never had an RA or anyone bother us, and we used to get blunts going in there. Don't be fooled, it's going to still smell like a blunt and you still have to watch out for fire alarm tripping (our would go off for even unburned popcorn), but it's entirely possible if you want to risk it.

  10. yeah man thats exactly what we do when we smoke in the dorms. its better if all your roommates are down with it though because its pretty hard to disguise it.

    its also fun to walk somewhere nearby campus and smoke, like a park or in some trees. its fun to adventure
  11. I'm 75% sure that the dude who does the desk security for my building at night tokes up. He's an old jamaican dude and his eyes are almost always red. He never seems to care when i come in at all hours of the night on all kinds of stuff. A few days ago we ordered a ton of food for delivery at 3 am, and his only comment was "hey, when you gotta eat you gotta eat. if it's at 3 am, then eat at 3 am." Then last night we saw him doing a bit of late night snacking himself (well, it was this amazing smelling jamaican chicken, so yeah..."snacking") at 2 am and basically said the same thing back. When you gotta eat, you gotta eat :smoking:
  12. i had just smoked a bowl in my car while parked in campus parking. Out of no where a security guy was just standing like 2 ft behind my car just standing. I pretended to be talking on the phone and he just walked away
  13. Me and my two friends smoked in their dorm bathroom every night. We used a sploof, toweled their bathroom door and room door, and spread fabreeze on occasion. Never got caught and none of their quadmates knew a thing.

    Smoking in a college dorm is great.
  14. LMAO thats so jokes!

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