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Encounter with the unexplained.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, May 24, 2002.

  1. Evening, mornin', afternoon, bladies and blades.

    How's it all in your world?

    Thanks for the rain karma y'all! It worked really well! Gettin pretty close to working TOO well. So if you'd just back it off a notch, I'd appreciate it!

    Been busier than a toilet paper roller in a diarrhea ward lately. Coach Ethel's work never seems to be done. We had our game rained out this evening, so now I have a chance to relate something that happened to Patch and I last Friday night.

    We decided it was time to burn off the MAJOR woodpile down in the pasture. You may have heard it said, "Indian build small fire, sit very close. White man build big fire, stand way back."

    We had a veeeeeeeery white man fire.

    Put the torch to it about 7:00 p.m. Had the old trusty dugout with me. Patch had her White Russian's goin on, since it was a white mans fire I figure. Me, I was on the good ol' ice water. Vodka and I parted ways many years ago.

    I'm telling you all this, because I know you're gonna come back with the old, "I want some of what you were smokin" line.

    Sure, I done my share of psychedelics back when, but I still got all the fries in my Happy Meal. In other words I don't go to the supermarket and talk to the produce.

    About 10:00 I was glancing back up towards our house, about halfway between the house and pasture, by the road, there's a great elm tree. Something caught my eye..................

    Don't ya hate when people do this:)

    A light came on in the tree!

    I was'nt looking right at it when it started, it was a corner of the eye thing. We were about 300 ft. away from it. It seemed to be about the size of a standard flashlight. But it was'nt steady.

    There is a typical rural power line running right next to it. Nothing high tension or high voltage. My first thought was that it was a light on a pole that is near the tree. I moved away from the fire so I could see in the dark. It was'nt on the pole or even near the lines! It was back in the tree!

    As I watched it, it began to flicker and look like a flame!


    But as I was thinking that, two things happened;

    1. I realized that we had no wind to speak of. The predominate breeze, (if it was even that), was from the north! This tree was about 300 ft. to the northeast of the fire. Nobody else in the area was burning that night . No way it was from our fire.

    2. I was still watching it as I was making realization #1 and the sucker dripped flame! If you've ever watched plastic burn and drip, that's almost what this looked like. It was still white in color.

    I hollared at Patch when I thought the tree was on fire, and she saw it as it turned orange and dripped again! I started towards the truck to run up there and see what the fuck was going on. Patch said it flickered a couple of times and went out as I left. When I got there with the spotlight I could'nt see anything unusual.

    About an hour later, and then about 45 minutes after that, it flickered a couple of times, but never dripped. I've never encountered this kind of phenomenon before.

    I went down the next day and looked through the tree really good. No burn marks, nothing dead, nothing that is'nt as it should be.


    Help me out here. Anybody got any ideas?

    Anybody got any good "Will 'o the Wisp" info?

    Should I call them "X-files" dudes?

    Is it time to start going to church?

    Should I not worry as you get really good medication when they put you in Happy Acres?

  2. hmmmm....Elms dont drip sign of scorching.....hmmm

    A varmit in the tree .. slurping on a leftover off soda can,,,dripping of soda as it was spilling??

    or,,,,,call Fox Moulder..(x-files theme) strain your smoking is really,,really

  3. You had a critter or family of critters in the tree and it was their reflection, Family of bats or squirrels or wombats, That's what I would convince myself of to keep from going crazy.

    BTW, Full Moon this weekend, drives us lunatics a bit flaky.
  4. Sorry dudes but I have to give a big phooey on the sap and balll ightining thing. Like Indica said, elms don't sap. I know it was'nt a Pepsi getting drank by a critter (not THE critter).

    All the wildlife around here gave up on Pepsi when Brittany Spears started doing their commercials!

    Thanks for the link Cowboy! I saw the Joplin light when I was but a wee lad, but this did'nt have any motion to it and appeared in the same place three times. I'm gonna spend a little time hanging around that page. I LOVE ghost stories!

    Plus, if the lights seem to frequent one area, I've lived here 12 years and I've never seen this before!

    I'll probably be starting another brushpile this weekend. When we light this one off, I'm gonna go hang out under that tree!
  5. You're very welcome Mr. PooooooooooooooBaaaaaaaaaah!:D:

    Gonna spend some time round that site myself, lotta cool, "spooky" stuff!! :D: :smoking:
  6. Laced weed? How much had you been smoking...
  7. I have no idea what it was...but, I like the animals in the tree thought. I mean the dripping might've been them looking in your direction as they jumped out of the tree...[​IMG]...maybe the flash was when they all notice you, and they were making sure they were safe?
    I dunno smokie about hanging out under the tree! But, I now know that if we don't hear from you for awhile...that maybe you went on a trip? [​IMG]

  8. herban myth, definately
    white man stood too close to his mighty fire an burned his retnas :D
  9. OK, blades 'n bladies, and smokinokie (Howdy! :) ), how 'bout this theory ...

    Smokinokie actually found the long sought after, and legendary, Keebler tree. Seriously, stay with me on this one. Now, what he saw was the elves out to watch smokinokie's display of pyrotechnic wizrdry, and decided to light up a big phattie of their "Elfen Magic."

    Now, from what I hear, that shit burns. As for nothing seeming out of place ... well, smoke that "Elfen Magic", and you'd probably disappear as well. Lemme tell ya'.

    Anyway, just an idea ... and simply a working theory. I'll delve into it further, and report back my findings. :smoking:

  10. I kind of dig ColoradoWolf's theory. The whole "Elfen Magic" thing does it for me!

    Smokinokie, you can't go to Happy Acres without us, so don't be asking just anybody about the "unknown" light in your tree, ok!!!!!

  11. First it was the gnomes, then we had that ugly dwarf uprising back in '83, and now you tell me I got an elf problem?

    Fuckin Keebler!

    Breeds them little dudes left and right, uses them for his own cookie selling needs, and then dumps them in my tree!

    My Congressman shall here of this!!!!!!:p

  12. Hell, give the ACLU a call, as well. ;) They would really dig this.


    "Hello. Thank you for calling the ACLU. This Sue Emall, how may I help you?"

    "Yeah, this is smokinokie, and I have a complaint against Keebler, his treatment of his elves, which has lead directly to their 'Elfen Magic' smokin' problem in my tree."

    Heh. :D Might make a cool crank call at the least. ;)

  13. Is this the answer you been looking for??????????

    well this damn link doesn't work because of the screwy national geographic folks. Damnj!@#$%@^%!@^#%$

    ok lets try this:

    from there click on national geographic under the magazine block on the right side.

    from there click on archives

    from there click on the May 2002 magazine cover, its got a funky mummy on it.

    from there scroll down on the right side and click on Tell Us: the Game.

    And then you will be taken to a picture of a tree at night that is dripping fireballs and you have to kepp guessing the 4 choices before they tell you why the tree has dripping "fireballs" in it.

    Hope this answers your question.

  14. Roflmfao...Elfen Magic...I love that theory Wolfie!

  15. Saturday! And the lawn mowers awaits!

    Sorry Poppa! No lightining bugs were out yet at that time! Too chilly yet! And also I've seen e'nuff lightining bugs in my time to know what they look like.

    Face it. Elves exist.

    I know.

    I've got to go scrape one off the bottom of my shoe right now!


    Today I wish I did live in Antartica! At 10:30 a.m. it was already 87 degrees F.!!!!!

    Y'all have a good weekend. I gotta go work on my sunburn!

  16. We've all seen lightening bugs, but have any of us ever seen lightening bugs make love the way lightening bugs make love. Kinda like a mini-neon orgy.

    But hey, I was only trying to help. If it ain't lightening bugs then your only other choices are fire elves and too many hits of LSD coming back at you. Now which one do YOU want to believe.
  17. After some further research ... :smoking: ... I'm starting to think that Snap, Crackle, and Pop are in it with the elves. Those little bastards have hellraiser written all over 'em. Plus, I think we all know that they have a pretty large "Elfen Magic" problem. :hippie:

    Still workin' on it, though. :smoking:

  18. Hmm...Zonedude, what shall I do to you each time you bring up Larry???

    Larry isn't the type of demon to chill in a tree, anyway. I truly think ColoradoWolf was on the right track with the Elfen Magic and if he wasn't, it doesn't matter because I still want my own tree elves.

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