Enclosed 400W HPS Light for $195

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sun_Devil, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Anybody?

    Think it will be a good buy for the price or should I go for the traditional setup with remote ballast?
  2. Do not buy grow equipment on eBay from people who are NOT businesses. They can sell your information to local police stations, or they could even be police men.

    No one buys 400 watts of HPS power for tomatoes or any other plant.
  3. Even though its only 400w, heat might be an issue with the ballast enclosed with the bulb, I would go with the optional fan for an extra 50bux, somewhere down the line its going to cost that anyway to keep it cool, maybe even more if heat persist to the point you have to install an ac unit. But yeah, I've had good grows with 400whps, that is now what I use for my mothers & clones.
  4. HTG Garden Supply. Just check it out. It'll change everything for you. I paid $160 for a 400W MH, 400W HPS, the ballast, 1 hood that takes both the MH and HPS, everything. They definatly had tons of other offers that will suit your needs better. Dont pay $195 for that there is so better stuff out there. Check it out you'll be happy. Later
  5. ^Ditto on HTGSupply. You can get a 400w kit that includes both HPS and MH conversion bulbs for $165 plus shipping.

    I also agree you don't want the ballast attached to the hood, you want it remote so it can be outside your grow space and not contribute heat into your grow.

    That light you found looks like it could be converted to sealed air cooled but you have to pay more for that, if you are interested HTG Supply lets you upgrade the hood to allow that as well.
  6. You know, I'm glad you didn't get flamed for this. My friend bought a scale off of ebay, guy was either working for the police or tipped the police off, police got my friends ebay account information, went to his house, searched his trash, found a bag with shake, and ended up searching his house and getting him for that little possession.

    Fuckin bullshit. It does happen.
  7. What makes you think it was because of the scale and not because a neighbor called the cops and they looked through the trash when they arrived?
  8. I can vouch for HTG supply as well. Great service and great prices.
  9. Because they told him how they got the info to prosecute him?

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