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  1. are fucking good.

  2. you really think so??
  3. Enchiladas in Arkansas? Yaaaaa rightttt :rolleyes:
  4. stouffers man. thats all you need in life.
  5. Nah i'll stick with my dank shit bro, real mexican food out here. :D
  6. I bet your on the toliet longer then it takes to eat that thing


  8. Homemade ones are the best~
  9. hahah it looks tasty
  10. Ya it's from this restaurant i've gone to since high school, every tuesday. Went there today actually, got 2 carnitas tacos :yummy:. They finally got their alcohol license back, after selling to underage kids and fights erupting, and just in time for my 21st.

  11. I came.
  12. Mmmmmmm. Damn it now I wish it was my birthday, only time I can ever guilt mom into making her amazing homemade enchiladas.
  13. Yeah I'm always srs.
  14. chimichangas are better ;)

    theyre like enchiladas but deep fried and crispy
  15. Living in California is so righteous. I live in an area where there's like 3 different authentic 24hr mexican food place within biking/walking distance. I sure would fuck up a plate of carne asada fries to rid me of my late night munchies. The only thing I won't touch are burritos..
  16. Glad my mom makes dank Mexican food. Great when u have the munchies try some flautas.

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