Enail for 510 thread box mod

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  1. Bought an atmos studio rig to put on my box for dabbing oil on vacations. Have only used it on my kanger mini box and works great. Came with a titanium nail ( can purchase a ceramic nail sold separately) and a ceramic chamber coil meant to vape dry herb.

    Haven't gotten a good attempt on the dry herb( got combustion taste). Only noticeable downside is the glass is one piece and is a little hard to clean, the mouthpiece has a very narrow opening to prevent splashing but also clogs due to reclaim buildup.

    I just got a smok alien 220 and am excited to see how it runs with a better box.[​IMG]

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  2. I have one of those I got today for my Aegis Mod and omg it's a dream

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  3. Watch your watts, started using it at 40 watts and it shorted out

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  4. What wattage do you run the nail at? I think my box goes to 80w which I assume is plenty. Been meaning to get a nail I dont see why it wouldn't work perfectly.
  5. Atmos recommends starting at 25 and slowly increase. 30 seems to work well, takes a few clicks to get it hot. My coil shorted after about 5 dabs at 40 watts.

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  6. actually like that one saw the reviews.

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