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Discussion in 'General' started by CheebaLaGanja, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know where to get gameboy color and gameboy advanced roms??? i've looked and looked and can't find shit i'm especially looking for duel monsters 1-7 and dark duel stories if anyone can help please do
  2. Try kazza or morpheus

    I don't know if that will have it..maybe

    worth a try...peace
  3. i've looked a lot of places but a lot of them are bs and won't really let you find stuff and those before-mentioned games aren't the easiest to find
  4. i can never get any of those damn things to work on my computer....oh well.
  5. OK the ROM site I gave was a shit site so I went on the look out for some roms and I found em. I tried the emulator from the above link and it works just fine. here are some roms I know these work http://gbx.consoleclassix.com/gba/gba_roms.htm I tried one and took a screen shot of it.


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  6. do you think you could locate duel monsters 1-7 and dark duel stories 1 and 2???
  7. I'll show this thread to my kid tomorrow he's got a ton of these and they all seem to work fine. he should be able to set you out in the right direction. He's also has a bunch of anime and hentai games too which are fun too if you need something on these.
  8. I found duel monsters 5 but I found the japanese version and sadly I dont speak japanese and it's been a nightmare trying to find dark duel stories and an english version of duel monsters 5 or higher

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