Employment Drug Test

Discussion in 'General' started by iluna1988, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I had a drug employment test (urine) the other day I been clean for about 25 day during those 25 day I took about 6 AZO cranberry pill, and a lot of water, I was sent out to the clinic to take the test so I decided to take a in home drug test kit for THC. And it came back negative I took two before I went. Another thing I drank about 10 glasses of water. When I came back from taking the test I did about 4 more test and they all kept coming back negative. So does that mean I passed the lab test? NEED ADVICE THANKS
  2. We don't know any more than you do. 
    But it sounds like your fine. You'll find out soon enough through, right?
  3. You're good as long as your piss wasn't super diluted when you tookt the at home test. If the conditions were the same then you're good.

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