Employers Using Mouth Swab Drug Tests at Interviews!

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  1. What is Mouth Swab Drug Test? Why Do Employers Use Saliva Drug Testing? How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

    Ever taken a Mouth Swab Drug Test?
    Not only employers but now law officers are conducting mouth swab drug test during DUI Checkpoints

    Today’s Job market is ever changing. The same is true with drug testing methods used by employers as well as law enforcement. Law enforcement officers are also using mouth swab drug tests at DUI check points to catch those who are under the influence of Marijuana as well as other illegal drugs.
    CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

    As we see saliva drug tests are becoming adopted by more and more officials throughout the United States. The same is to be said about Employers who wish to prevent us from getting a job if we choose to use legal or illegal marijuana or other drugs. Legal use of marijuana can still prevent you from gaining or keeping employment. A Colorado man was fired for testing positive for legal thc.

    What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test?

    Mouth swab drug test are those that test the body for toxins from the use of saliva collected around the gums and jaw.

    These tests use the saliva found inside your mouth and detect the metabolites the body has made from the toxins left from illegal as well as legal drugs and everyday things we eat or breathe. Keep in mind prescription medication can also register on these drug tests as substances tested for such as marijuana, meth, cocaine, opiates, and benzos. Just as an example, a commonly used prescription medication such as adderall (amphetamine salts) has been known to register on a drug test as Methamphetamine. This is known as a false positive. You should inform a drug testing official of this use prior to submitting. You should inform of any and all medications, prescription and non prior to submitting to any drug test.

    Why Employers Use Mouth Swab Drug Test
    In 2004 the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) proposed a rule that would allow federal agencies to use mouth swab drug testing in the work place. They also defined how each specimen was to be handled. This opened the doors for employers to use Mouth Swab Saliva Drug Testing in the workplace. As years have passed the cost of saliva drug tests has drastically lowered. Mouth Swab Drug Tests have become the cheapest method for an employer to drug test an applicant or randomly drug test a employee.

    Mouth swab drug test kits may be found at online markets such as Amazon for under $10. Compared to the average $150 per test spent on lab administered urine drug tests, this saves employers quite a bit of money over the course of a year. According to a recent study, American Workers are Increasingly Failing Drug Tests

    I can imagine the amount of money a employer spends per year on failed drug tests is rather high. This leading to seeking out more affordable drug testing methods. Locating an employee who is able to pass a drug test has become harder for employers. This has led employers to purchasing mouth swab drug tests that can be administered within their own facilities.

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  2. The thing is med cards don't always matter. If their insurance company doesn't want to cover pot smokers they don't have too. It's still federally illegal. Happens all the time in legal states.

    The joint blog is not the best source of information
  3. Insuance runs the whole damn country! predicted harms= we are running on predictions!!! and they predict cannabis is harmful because prohibition studies say so!
  4. It's their way out of paying claims if there's been an injury and the person is positive
  5. until there are accurate on the spot tets to exactly measure the active metabolites it will be a JOKE... people test for months positive after use and it shows on those tests... they were high a few months ago and now their incarcerated for it because it tested positive... all other drugs Aare out of the system a few days after use
  6. Nobody is going to jail for an employment drug test but ya it does suck thst we have to play the game....is what it is though
  7. sorry got confused with road side tests lol... the best employers would be testing for pharma drugs= that stuff is worst than cannabis
  8. I'm not even worried about insurance. Insurance didn't cover my legitimate and legal prescriptions when I was on it, nor did it cover Dr's visits. Weed is far cheaper than the prescription drugs I've been on, especially considering you can't grow those other ones.

    I'm talking about my employer choosing to fire me because I was taking a medication for which I had a legal card / document to take, a legitimate and indefinite need for, and one which is also legal through recognized state medical programs.

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