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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how your boss can ask you to do something, you do it, and then reject what they asked you to do.

    I interviewed for a web design job yesterday. They asked me to create a mock-up of a local bank using references to other sites they have done. Okay, so I created the mock-up. Took 5 hours and I was extremely pleased with it. It is the best design I have created so far. I send it off to them and they call to tell me that they did not like it.

    So NOW they proceed to tell me EXACTLY how they wanted it done. Which is complete opposite of what they told me yesterday. At this point I'm horribly frustrated that I wasted 5 hours of work on something they told me to make but then decide to change the requirements after it is completed.

    I know from experience not to deal with people who are not upfront about what they want and what they are looking for. I have until Friday to make a new site but I am going to pass on the job. It was only 10-15 hours a week anyways. If I wanted full time work I would have to do administrative work for the other 30-25 hours a week.

    W/e I'm packing a fat bowl to relieve some frustration. I'm going to color some mandalas and do some laundry.

    Here is the mock-up I created. I still like it.

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  2. thats why i left design for admin.

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    i dont see anything wrong with the 'design'. if you met all the requirements, i'd bill them for the 5 hours of work you did. if they dont like the design they can keep paying you to come with different ideas until they find something they like.

    you dont have to take the job to bill them for work you've done - send them an invoice for 5 hours.

    if they dont want to pay, harrass them daily until they cut you a check and then go buy a nice OZ :)

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