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Employer Drug Testing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DrDank729, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. What's up guys? I'm not sure if this is the place to post this and I'm sure it's a repeat thread but figured I'd ask anyways.

    So I have been living in CA for almost 2 years and the first and only job I had never drug tested. I accepted a new job as a Merchandiser for a winery.
    I have already filled out the application and did the background check (passed) and not once was anything about a drug test mentioned. On March 2nd I received paperwork from them stating if I choose to accept the offer to sign the sheet and email it back (once again no mention of drug test). I signed it that day and turned it in right away and have a start date lined up. Do you think they will still test me? Don't know CA laws with drug testing and signed paperwork to well.

    Also when I met with my direct manager he said they are relaxed and we can do whatever we want during our free time. We just need to come to work the next day and bust ass.
  2. Id translate that as we know what your doing, you know we know what your doing, but we're happy to all pretend. If they were going to test you it would seem weird to make comments like that .
  3. Ya that's what I got from him saying that. Plus my dad knows the owners well and sells their products back in my home state and think they would have given me a heads up if a test was going to be needed. I have been speaking with them since the end of January, I'm pretty sure a test would have happened between then and March 2nd when I signed a sheet saying I accept the offer and they want me to join. That's also after 2 or 3 interviews/meetings with the two higher up managers. I start the 21st and dint know if I want to risk smoking up until then. I guess either way it's it's going to be in my system.

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