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  1. Do you like how emotional you are?

    If you're an artist or a linguist, does it help you to illustrate works?

    Do you recognize emotions are only as much value as the situation it's reflected upon?

  2. Yes, purely objective shit is a little boring for me to be honest. I love the personal attachment and emotion we build for things. And how in depth these can be and feel.

    Human emotion drives the best creativity :smoke:

    And I recognize how transient emotions and situations can be, but really they're all I have.
  3. I believe emotions are a shield for our own reality to keep us in the here and now. Sadly most people allow themselves to be controlled by their emotions and start making decisions wholly based on others ideas and beliefs. In most cases ego drives emotion.

  4. Well I'm not sure I agree when you say they shield us from reality.

    They let us attach personal meaning and significance to the here and now. Cause the here and now is obviously just...the here and now.
  5. what i mean is the conventional wisdom of reality, society tells us what reality is.
    you are there only one experiencing your reality. if you could remove emotion from everything, whats left? truth.

  6. I could never remove emotion from everything however.

    If I do, I'll be left some pair of eyes attached to a brain watching a bunch of atoms. Eating and sleeping.

  7. agreed no emotions would be very boring but being able to control them in a way that opens your mind to reject fear, regret, embarrassment, guilt ect. and embrace only love and peace.

  8. Hmm, but I think without these negative emotions, the positive ones aren't worth enjoying.

    A life without guilt, embarrassment, fear, regret, is an empty life to me. It's these things that make love so beautiful and difficult. That make peace worth struggling for.
  9. I find feelings important. After all, it's energy created by your mind, sent to your body. Or fire, sent from the lighter, to light my joint:smoke:
    Creativity is a state without labels. Many times, it's the emotions that provoke that burst of creativity. Look at all the things we created: This is called creationtism btw. It's all triggered by an unsatisfied feeling for the current moment, and a strong will inside to change it.
  10. Emotions doesn't work good in these day, you gutta put that a side and think.
    i have been doing that and with everything i kept deep inside backfired,thoughts and different emotions of everything that happened bad to me, everything i'v seen and experienced.

    Regret is the worst most powerful emotion.
  11. I'm a pretty sensitive person at times and at other times I'm apathetic to things that most people care about.

    I wish I could be more balanced at times and maybe be more "generous" with my emotions at other times.
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