[emoji91] Is my soil too hot? [emoji91]

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Krismarsden, May 24, 2023.

  1. Hey fellow growers, I found a couple seeds in my bud last year and decided to try grow a couple,

    I've used a pretty simple coco, manure. Peatmoss, perlite mix (cheap one from home depot as I don't want them to turn out male)

    I noticed the leafs are coming out all funky! Should I be worried? 20230521_175618.jpg 20230521_175629.jpg

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  2. I have no idea what you mean by that. Manure by itself is not going to cut it, coco and peat and perlite have not nutrients to speak of. Twisting leaves like that is often caused by too much light (if one were running a 100watt grow light, you should be about 28 inches above the canopy give or take a few inches). You are going to have to decide what type of nutrients you are going to use (salt based or organic) and get everything ready as you will need to feed those in less than 14 days. They will be fine provided you get your nutrients situated.
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  3. Thank you for the advice, its an out door grow so I don't think the light is an issue although we did have a couple of hot days last week, I thought maybe the manure was too hot or something and too much for the seedling,
    I have my nutes ready to go the ph perfect micro,grow,bloom, b52, bud candy etc. I was just going to wait u till I noticed some discolouration to start hitting her/him with some micro?

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  4. Also, I have no idea what your lighting schedule is, but it should be 18/6 right now.
    Could certainly be too hot, but I wouldn't worry as the plant isn't really damaged, it will grow out of it. You are going to want to follow the directions on your nutrients, there should be a feed shcedule of sorts on the bottles. Usually varying amounts of micro, grow, and or bloom depending on what week of growth you are in. Many growers start with half the dose recommended and see how the plant reacts, then adjust accordingly.

  5. Coco, manure. Peatmoss, perlite mix ,,, is not soil, nor will ever become soil.